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Target SSC CGL Tier 2: How to Score Full Marks in DI?

Data Interpretation is an important part of all the major examinations including SSC CGL Tier 2 where 10-20 marks are allotted to the DI section. It can be one of the most scoring sections and you must not miss scoring full marks in DI while appearing for the SSC CGL Tier 2 exam. What is data interpretation and how can you gain full marks in this section? What are the important points that you must keep in mind before solving the Data Interpretations questions?

What is Data Interpretation?

Data Interpretation is the study and manipulation of data presented in a concise manner. The process of deciphering the data from its actual form is known as Data Interpretation. In SSC CGL Tier 2, you will be provided with data and questions related to it. You must decipher the data and then answer the questions.

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Types of Data Interpretations

The Numerical data can be presented in one or more ways and hence there are various types of Data interpretation questions asked in the exam. Some of the major DI seen in SSC CGL Tier 2 are:

  1. Data Tables
  2. Pie Charts
  3. Bar Graphs
  4. Caselet Data Interpretations
  5. Histogram and many more

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Tips to score full marks in Data Interpretation section

You must follow a strategy to score good marks in Data Interpretation section. Here are some tips to help you crack this section with ease.

  1. Brush up your calculative Skills
    To answer the DI questions quickly, you must brush up your calculations. Learn short tricks to solve lengthy calculations. Learn tables, square roots, cube roots as that will help you solve a question easily. You need to make sure that calculations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication are done on your tips.
  2. Read the question thoroughly and understand what it asks
    You must understand what the question wants to ask. In DI, some questions can be complicated and are designed to trick you. You must be vigilant to read the question thoroughly, understand what it wants you to answer and then solve it. You must give 15-20 seconds to understand the question and then start solving it.
  3. Stronghold on Basics
    Questions in Data Interpretations are based on other chapters such as Average, percentage, profit and loss, etc. You must memorize the chapters and get a stronghold on the basic concepts asked in the Data interpretation questions. Learn all the percentage formulas, fractions to ease up your calculations, the tricks to find average etc.
  4. Time management
    You should not waste your time in solving one question of DI. There is a set of 5 questions to be solved by referring to one Data Interpretation in the exam. Generally, there is one tricky or lengthy question out of the set. You must not waste more than 2 minutes on that question and move on to the next. There is always an option to come back to that question if the time is left.
  5. Practice
    Practice enough before the exam. Make sure you appear for mock tests with a variety of Data Interpretation sets to boost your skills. Practising will help you with solving the questions easily and with accuracy. Do not neglect this section as it can help you to increase your score in SSC CGL Tier 2.          Target SSC CGL Tier 2: How to Score Full Marks in DI?_50.1

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