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This is the new year with new goals, new experiences and lots of exams to be scheduled soon. SSC CGL has recently released the exam dates so now it is time to gear up your preparations and try hard to get success. ADDA247 never fails to deliver something new and fruitful for you all. This time also we are providing you the best study plan as well as a study material. We are here going to prepare your General Science section for the SSC CGL. In this article, we are providing you the details that how we are going to help you to clear the examination this year. We ADDA247 is going to provide you daily tests for all the subjects. The topic-wise quiz will be done from January till April. This will help you to get a deeper knowledge of all the topics and will prepare you thoroughly.

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Q1. RBCs are formed in the ____________ in the adults.
(a) Blue bone marrow
(b) Red bone marrow
(c) White bone marrow
(d) Black bone marrow

Q2.The later (second) formed primary xylem elements are called _____________.
(a) Protoxylem
(b) Metaxylem
(c) Xylem parenchyma
(d) Xylem fibres

Q3. Which of the following does not hold true for Animal belonging to Phylum Chordate?
(a) Notochord present
(b) Pharynx perforated by gill slits
(c) Heart is dorsal (if present)
(d) A post-anal part (tail) is present

Q4.Animals in which the cells are arranged in two embryonic layers are called ________.
(a) Diploblastic
(b) Extoderm
(c) Tripoblastic
(d) Endoderm

Q5. ___________ being a higher category, is the assemblage of families which exhibit a few similar characters.
(a) Order
(b) Species
(c) Genus
(d) Class

Q6. In atom, neutron was discovered by:
(a) J.J. Thomson
(b) Chadwick
(c) Rutherford
(d) Newton

Q7. Change of water into the vapour is called-
(a) Natural
(b) Physical
(c) Chemical
(d) Biological

Q8. Which one of the following is the hardest metal?
(a) Gold
(b) Iron
(c) Platinum
(d) Silver

Q9. These days yellow lamps are frequently used as street light. Which one of the following us used in these lamps:
(a) Sodium
(b) Neon
(c) Hydrogen
(d) Nitrogen

Q10. In which of the following industries is mica used as a raw material-
(a) Iron and steel
(b) Toys
(c) Glass and pottery
(d) Electrical

Sol. Red blood cell (RBC) production (erythropoiesis) takes place in the red bone marrow in adults.

Sol. The later formed primary xylem elements are called Metaxylem.

Sol. The Phylum Chordata is made up of the most evolved animals. The characteristics of chordates include bilateral symmetry, a segmented body, a ventral heart. They does not have dorsal heart.

Sol. Diploblastic cells are having a body derived from only two embryonic cell layers (ectoderm and endoderm, but no mesoderm), as in sponges and coelenterates.

S5. Ans.(a)
Sol. Order being a higher category, is the assemblage of families which exhibit a few similar characters

S6. Ans. (b)
Sol.Neutron is a neutral particle which has no electrical charge. It was discovered by Chadwick in 1932.

S7. Ans. (b)
Sol.Change of water into the vapour is called a physical change.

S8. Ans. (c)
Sol.Among non-metals, diamond is the hardest whereas, among the metals, platinum is the hardest.

S9. Ans. (a)
There are 2 types of street light bulbs are used by municipalities. They are sodium vapor and mercury vapor bulbs. The mercury vapor bulbs are usually a white ambient light and sodium on orange/yellow light.

S10. Ans. (d)
Sol.Mica is good conductor of heat and bad conductor of electricity so mica use in electrical industry.

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