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Target SSC CGL | 10,000+ Questions | Quant Questions For SSC CGL : Day 92

This is the new year with new goals, new experiences and lots of exams to be scheduled soon. SSC CGL has recently released the exam dates so now it is time to gear up your preparations and try hard to get success. ADDA247 never fails to deliver something new and fruitful for you all. This time also we are providing you the best study plan as well as a study material. We are here going to prepare your Quantitative Aptitude section for the SSC CGL. In this article, we are providing you the details that how we are going to help you to clear the examination this year. We ADDA247 is going to provide you daily tests for all the subjects. The topic-wise quiz will be done from January till April. This will help you to get a deeper knowledge of all the topics and will prepare you thoroughly.

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Q1. If x runs are scored by A, y runs by B and z runs by C, then x : y = y : z = 3 : 2. If total number of runs scored by A, B and C is 342, the runs scored by each would be respectively
(a) 144, 96, 64
(b) 162, 108, 72
(c) 180, 120, 80
(d) 189, 126, 84

Q2. Rs 900 is divided among A, B, C; the division is such that  1/2  of A’s money =1/3rd of B’s money =1/4th of C’s money. Find the amount (in Rs) received by A, B, C.
(a) 300, 400, 200
(b) 350, 450, 100
(c) 200, 300, 400
(d) 400, 150, 350

Q3. If Rs 126.50 is divided among A, B and C in the ratio of 2 : 5 : 4, the share of B exceeds that of A by
(a) Rs 36.50
(b) Rs 35.50
(c) Rs 34.50
(d) Rs 33.50

Q4. The average of first three numbers is double of the fourth number. If the average of all the four numbers is 12, find the 4th number.
(a) 16
(b)  48/7
(c) 20
(d)  18/7

Q5. If the average of 6 consecutive even numbers is 25, the difference between the largest and the smallest number is
(a) 8
(b) 10
(c) 12
(d) 14

Q6. A train goes from Ballygunge to Sealdah at an average speed of 20 km/hour and comes back at an average speed of 30 km/hour. The average speed of the train for the whole journey is
(a) 27 km/hr
(b) 26 km/hr
(c) 25 km/hr
(d) 24 km/hr

Q7. The arithmetic mean of 100 observations is 24.6 is added to each of the observations and, then each of them is multiplied by 2.5. Find the new arithmetic mean.
(a) 30
(b) 75
(c) 35
(d) 60

Q8. Sachin Tendulkar has a certain average for 11 innings. In the 12th innings he scores 120 runs and thereby increases his average by 5 runs. His new average is
(a) 60
(b) 62
(c) 65
(d) 66

Q9. The average of 11 results is 50. If the average of the first six results is 49 and that of the last six is 52, the sixth result is
(a) 48
(b) 50
(c) 52
(d) 56

Q10. By selling 25 metres of cloth a trader gains the selling price of 5 metres of cloth. The gain of the trader in % is
(a) 25
(b) 20
(c) 28
(d) 29

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Target SSC CGL | 10,000+ Questions | Quant Questions For SSC CGL : Day 92_50.1


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