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Target SSC CGL | 10,000+ Questions | GA Questions For SSC CGL: Day 126

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This is the new year with new goals, new experiences and lots of exams to be scheduled soon. SSC CGL has recently released the exam dates so now it is time to gear up your preparations and try hard to get success. ADDA247 never fails to deliver something new and fruitful for you all. This time also we are providing you the best study plan as well as a study material. We are here going to prepare your General Awareness section for the SSC CGL. In this article, we are providing you the details that how we are going to help you to clear the examination this year. We ADDA247 is going to provide you daily tests for all the subjects. The topic-wise quiz will be done from January till May. This will help you to get a deeper knowledge of all the topics and will prepare you thoroughly.

Q1. Which of the following is also known as the brain of the computer?
(a) CPU
(b) ALU
(c) Motherboard
(d) Keyboard

Q2. Soda water was invented by
(a) Tivadar Puskas
(b) Joseph Priestley
(c) Petrache Poenaru
(d) James Leonard Plimpton

Q3. The outermost layer of skin is
(a) Epidermis
(b) Dermis
(c) Tissues
(d) Hypodermis

Q4. Which of the following plants have root nodules?
(a) Leguminous plants
(b) Parasitic plants
(c) Epiphytic Plants
(d) Aquatic Plants

Q5. Earth-worms belongs to the phylum
(a) Protozoa
(b) Cnidaria
(c) Annelida
(d) Mollusca

Q6. The mass of proton and mass of ________ is same.
(a) Neutron
(b) Electron
(c) Isoprone
(d) Alpha particle

Q7. Using which of the following processes can one separate a solute from its solution?
(a) Sedimentation
(b) Evaporation
(c) Filtration
(d) Condensation

Q8. Jantar Mantar is in
(a) Rajasthan
(b) Assam
(c) Bihar
(d) Gujarat

Q9. Salzburg Festival is held in which country?
(a) Italy
(b) Austria
(c) Australia
(d) Spain

Q10. Birth rate in a country is defined as
(a) Number of births per 100 in 1 year
(b) Number of births per 1000 in 1 year
(c) Number of births per km of area in 1 year
(d) Number of births per 100 km of area in 1 year (

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S1. Ans.(a)
Sol.A central processing unit (CPU) is the electronic circuitry within a computer that carries out the instructions of a computer program by performing the basic arithmetic, logical, control and input/output (I/O) operations specified by the instructions.

S2. Ans.(b)
Sol.Carbonated water was invented by William Brownrigg circa 1740. It was invented independently by Joseph Priestley in 1767 when he discovered a method of infusing water with carbon dioxide after suspending a bowl of water above a beer vat at a brewery in Leeds, England.

S3. Ans.(a)
Sol.The epidermis is the outer layer of the three layers that make up the skin, the inner layers being the dermis and hypodermis.

S4. Ans.(a)
Sol. Leguminous, belonging to legumes, or to the leguminous Family. It feeds on Bird’s-foot Trefoil and other leguminous plants. leguminous trees are preferred because they conserve the nitrogen in the soil.

S5. Ans.(c)
Sol.The annelids (Annelida, from Latin anellus, “little ring”), also known as the ringed worms or segmented worms, are a large phylum, with over 22,000 extant species including ragworms, earthworms, and leeches.

S6. Ans.(a)
Sol.Protons and neutrons have almost the same mass, while the electron is approximately 2000 times lighter. Protons and electrons carry charges of equal magnitude, but opposite charge. Neutrons carry no charge (they are neutral).

S7. Ans.(b)
Sol.Evaporation is a type of vaporization, that occurs on the surface of a liquid as it changes into the gaseous phase.

S8. Ans.(a)
Sol.Jantar Mantar is located in the modern city of New Delhi. It consists of 13 architectural astronomy instruments. The site is one of five built by Maharaja Jai Singh II of Jaipur.

S9. Ans.(b)
Sol.The Salzburg Festival is a prominent festival of music and drama established in 1920. It is held each summer within the Austrian town of Salzburg, the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

S10. Ans.(b)
Sol.The birth rate (along with mortality and migration rate) are used to calculate population growth. The crude birth rate is the number of live births per year per 1,000 midyear population Another term used interchangeably with birth rate is natality.



In the last month i.e. in May daily we will provide you with a test of the previous years’ question papers, this will increase your confidence of solving the real exam and will make you familiar with the real-time exam.

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