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Target SSC CGL | 10,000+ Questions | Chemistry Questions For SSC CGL : Day 127

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This is the new year with new goals, new experiences and lots of exams to be scheduled soon. SSC CGL has recently released the exam dates so now it is time to gear up your preparations and try hard to get success. ADDA247 never fails to deliver something new and fruitful for you all. This time also we are providing you the best study plan as well as a study material. We are here going to prepare your General Science section for the SSC CGL. In this article, we are providing you the details that how we are going to help you to clear the examination this year. We ADDA247 is going to provide you daily tests for all the subjects. The topic-wise quiz will be done from January till April. This will help you to get a deeper knowledge of all the topics and will prepare you thoroughly.

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Q1. Sphalerite is an ore/ mineral of ?
(a) Mercury.
(b) Molybdenum.
(c) zinc.
(d) silver.

Q2. In a periodic table , while moving from left to right in a period , number of ____ remains same?
(a) electrons.
(b) protons.
(c) shells.
(d) Neutrons.

Q3. Carcinogenic chemicals cause?
(a) Heart diseases.
(b) Diabetes.
(c) Cancer.
(d) Asthma.

Q4. Which of the following is also known as carbolic acid?
(a) Phenol.
(b) Hydroxide.
(C) Sulphuric acid.
(d) Ethanol.

Q5. Glycol is added to aviation gasoline because it?
(a) prevents freezing of petrol.
(b) Reduces consumption of petrol.
(C) Reduces evaporation of petrol.
(d) Increase efficiency of petrol.

Q6. The antiseptic compound present in Dettol is?
(a) Iodine.
(b) Cresol.
(c) Biothional.
(d) Enloroxylenol.

Q7. Dissolved oxygen in Rivers is close to____ parts per million?
(a) 125.
(b) 25.
(c) 5.
(d) 0.

Q8. Substance which are used as a food preservatives?
(a) Sodium carbonate.
(b) Tartaric acid.
(c) Acetic acid.
(d) Sodium salts of benzoic acids.

Q9. The solid waste is also known as?
(a) Sedge.
(b) Toxic waste.
(c) Sludge.
(d) Scrubber.

Q10. Trinitrotoluene is?
(a) Used to melt metals.
(b) Used to fuse two metals.
(C) Used as an abrasive.
(d) Used as an explosive.

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S1. (C)
• Sphalerite is the major ore of a zinc.
• It is also known as blende of zinc blende.
S2. (C)
• On moving in period from left to right, no. Of shells remains same while no. Of electrons, protons, and Neutrons changes.
S3. (C)
• Carcinogenic are the agents or substances which causes cancer.
• Benzene and most of the polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons are carcinogenic.
S4. (a)
• Phenol is also known as carbolic acid.
• It’s molecular formula is C6H5OH.
• It is used as anti- microbial agent.
S5. (a)
• Glycol is also called ethylene glycol.
• It is a dihydric alcohol.
• It is added to aviation gasoline because it prevents freezing of petrol.
• It can be used as an antifreeze compound in car radiators.
• Dettol contains the antiseptic compound Enloroxylenol.
• Dettol is a mixture of chloroxylenol and terpineol dissolved in a suitable solvent.
S7. (C)
• Dissolved oxygen in Rivers is 3-5 ppm.
• Dissolved oxygen is used to check the pollution level.
• Greater the dissolved oxygen less will be the pollution.
S8. (d)
• Food preservatives prevent spoilage of food due to microbial growth.
• Example:—— Sodium benzoate.
S9. (C)
• Sludge is a solid waste and can be produced from wastewater treatment and during synthesis of Biogas.
S10. (d)
• On prolonged heating of Toluene with concentrated Nitric acid and sulphuric acid, TNT is formed.
• It is used as an explosive.

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