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Success Story Of SANJAY PRIYAL | Inspector (Central Excise & Customs)

“Zid chahiye jeetne ke liye, haarne ke liye to ek dar hi kaafi haiSANJAY PRIYAL | Inspector (Central Excise & Customs)

Qualification: B.Tech (Electrical Engg.) 2013 Passout.
Selection : Inspector [Central Excise & Customs (Erstwhile), Now CGST & CX] SSC CGLE’2015.

Here is the Success story of Sanjay Priyal and the strategy adopted by him in his own words as shared with Adda247.

Everyone has a story and every story is Inspiring. Though more than 4 years have already passed still I would like to share my Success story with all of you not to show what I have achieved but only to motivate my other friends who are still going through this hardest phase of their life. If even one per cent of my success story helps anyone to succeed, then it will be a matter of great happiness & satisfaction for me. I can understand their pain, “the pain of unemployment”.

I belong to Patna (Bihar). During my School & College days, I was an above-average student. But one thing that stands me out or that had kept me afloat was my consistency, hard work, and resilience.

I could have easily fabricated my success story, but that would spoil the purity. I want to keep it as real as I can. My journey for SSC CGL started in the month of June 2014. During 2013-14, I was preparing for jobs in the technical field and In March 2014, I met an old college friend, who was already preparing for SSC CGLE as soon as he graduated. He explained everything about CGL jobs in that meeting. Since childhood, my parents wanted me to become a government officer in the future but I did not know how to become one. I also wanted to fulfil their dream. When that friend told me about the jobs under SSC CGLE, I realized that this was the way to be what I wanted to become since childhood. I was completely fascinated after getting aware of the job profiles under CGLE. One very important thing: the sooner we get a sense of our strength, the better it is. So, it’s better to realize what you cannot do as soon as possible. To change your life, you need to change your priorities. The same thing I did and focussed more on CGLE preparation and continued to read technical as well. Now, all I needed was the right mentor who could direct me towards the right approach. When you know what you want, and want it bad enough, you will find a way to get it. The first thing which I did was to join the coaching for Test Series only as I had good basics of Maths & English. I appeared for CGLE’14 and made it to the DEST (Typing) round but couldn’t make it to the final merit list by 15-20 marks. Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. So, I didn’t lose enthusiasm. I always had a feeling in me that failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough. There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs. Before appearing for CGLE’15 in August 2015, I took 100+ Mock Test of CGL Pre with much seriousness and analyzed it too. In almost every mock test, I scored in the range of 145-155 but In CGLE’15 pre I got the toughest paper (Offline Mode) and I could score only 116. Now I was far below in the rank list. But I want to tell you that one should not give excuses for his/her failures. If I had made excuses for the tough paper and luck then I would not have tasted the Success. The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. I did the same thing.

Remember one thing, “Sab kuch easy hota hai jab aap busy hote ho, Kuch bhi easy nahi hota jab aap Lazy hote h”.

Badi baazi jeetne ke liye jitna sahas jaruri hai, thik utna hi sabra bhi jaruri hai”.

One should remember that if plan A fails, there are 25 more letters. As CGLE’15 pre proved to be a failure for me, Now, I had to be more diligent, disciplined and accurate during the process of preparation for the mains. Hard work can always beat intelligence. Samay har samay ko badal deta hai, Bas Samay ko thoda samay chahiye.”

I sat for CGLE’15 mains in Oct’15 and scored 328/400 (P-I + P- II). It really compensated for the failure in Prelims very well. At this point, I want to say that Tier-II of CGL Exam proved to be a game-changer for me and you should also learn from this that after getting fewer marks in T-I, I did not stop and kept on preparing for the mains. Tier-II will always be a crucial stage of this Exam, So I would suggest to start preparing for mains after clearing the basics and for the Prelims, one can start the preparation 2-3 months before the Exam date.

29th JUNE 2016, the day on which I got a call @ 9pm and heard a voice addressing me as “Inspector Saheb”.  It was the same person on the other side who had once made me aware of the SSC jobs. I was thankful to him earlier and still, I am.


I took lots of exams during my journey until I got a job. Whether the exam was small or big, I used to appear in every exam seriously. Remember one thing, “All the Study you are doing will be worth it in the end”. I got some benefit from every exam. By taking exams, we get a sense of the level of competition, paper pattern, enormous knowledge, Competitive environment etc. The Exams which I took during the journey were:


After facing a series of failures, some by very narrow margin and some by more, the time came when I reached a very good level and out of the above Exams I could Successfully Clear SBI Clerk (3rd Attempt), IBPS PO (4th Attempt), Railway JE 2014 (Gorakhpur Zone), Railway JE 2015 (Mumbai Zone) and finally On 29th June 2016, SCC CGLE 2015:- Inspector (Central Excise). The results of the above exams were awaited and therefore I had to sit for further exams.

MOTIVATION:– Regardless of the destination, it is very important to have motivation. We should know that if we want to get there, then we should have the answer to it why. The biggest motivations for me were my neighbours and relatives, although they used to talk demotivating things only (Kya Kar Rahe ho Ajkal? Kuch hua ya ni tumhara? Koi naukri mili ya abhi bhi khali baithe ho?), but I used to look at the other side of their talks and felt very good thinking about it. I used to think that if I had really achieved anything big, then their sleep of the nights and day’s rest would be blown away and ultimately they would be burnt into ashes. Jeetne ka maza tab aata hai jab tumhe harne ka dard aur dar pata ho. Jitna Mushkil Sangharsh Hoga Jeet Utni Hi Shaanadaar Hogi.”


DO’s: Showing off is the fool’s idea of glory. Just Stay Foolish & Stay Hungry. Fake It Until You Make It! Act As If You Had All The Confidence You Require Until It Becomes Your Reality. By this, I mean that your thoughts and state of mind directly affect your behaviour.

  • Start the preparation. Take the syllabus. Analyze some previous papers and make out which topics are getting questions regularly. Note down. You will get to know which topics require more attention.
  • Start in a traditional way. Take any book like Kiran’s for instance, start solving questions after clearing basic concepts. The book should be solved at least 3 times in 3 different manners:-
  • 1stTime: Take your time, apply different methods, try solving using options, experiment different methods and finalize the best method, Mark those questions that are causing even one percent problem while solving, Generalize results and make your own formulae, remember them, practice them, make your own shortcuts, generalized results/formula important notes, etc.
  • 2ndTime: Try the best possible method to solve in minimum time and maximum accuracy, try using the generalized results/formula, Concentrate more on the questions which you had marked earlier and mark it again if it is still creating problems.
  • 3rdtime: Solve the questions in a time-bound manner.
  • Do Practise the art of skipping questions while taking mock tests. It is the most essential part of maximizing your attempt with accuracy.
  • Take about 100 mocks, 1 per day in the beginning and then 2 per day afterwards with a detailed analysis after it gets over.
  • For English: It is such a subject in which only a little can be gained after a lot of effort.  Regular practice of Sets along with Vocab memorization, Mugging up of Grammar Rules, Reading Habit (Novels, Newspapers) etc.

DON’Ts :

  • Don’t prepare for general awareness at an obsessive level as we are preparing for CGL, not for civils.
  • Don’t follow 3-4 books for each subject just pick 1 standard book and do it at least 3 times.
  • Don’t waste your precious time watching videos again and again. Once you watch the video please make sure to note down important points in a notebook.
  • Don’t stop preparation even for a single day, once you lose the rhythm it’s a bit difficult to get back to a normal pace.
  • Don’t try to master any one particular Chapter. We should be equally good at mensuration and geometry etc.
  • Don’t try to get emotional with a particular problem in the examination. It will waste a lot of time and subsequently, we will lose the game.
  • Never follow other students. Don’t go with the flow.
  • Never buy too many books. Your 10 friends will suggest you 10 different type of books. Don’t buy these all. Only one book is enough for a subject.
  • Never be overconfident if you are scoring well. Never leave your practice. You will fall down for sure.
  • Never lose hope if you are scoring poorly. Never leave your practice. You will rise up for sure.
  • Tier-II will always be a crucial stage of this Exam. If you have scored less in prelims, never ever lose hope. Mark my words, if you prepare with ruthless focus, then after mains result you may still find your place in the merit list.
  • Never be restless even if you are very near to your destination, give your 100% until it is achieved.

NOTE:- Everyone has different strategies. Here, I have explained the strategy which I had adopted. It may suit some of you and may not suit others. So, it’s up to you what strategy you want to adopt. Ultimately, the things that benefit someone are the best for them.

Lastly, I want to extend my heartiest gratitude to my parents, siblings and friends for their unwavering faith in me till I reached the Success line.


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