Study notes on “SOUND” (Part-I) for SSC CGL Pre 2017

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SSC CGL 2017 Pre exam in scheduled in the month of June/July 2017. At SA, We are providing to you the NOTES ON GENERAL SCIENCE, these notes will help you build your basic understanding of all topics and you’ll be able to score maximum marks in SSC CGL Pre exam. Study, Revise and Learn all these notes by heart. 


  • Sound is a form of energy and like all other energies, sound is not visible to us. 
  • It produces a sensation of hearing when it reaches our ears. 
  • Sound can not travel through vacuum.
  • sound waves are longitudinal waves. 

Sound travels as successive compressions and rarefactions in the medium. In sound propagation, it is the energy of the sound that travels and not the particles of the medium.


The distance between two consecutive compressions or two consecutive rarefaction is called the wavelength.

To and fro motion of an object is known as vibration. This motion is also called oscillatory motion.

Two important properties of any sound:
  1. Amplitude 
  2. frequency  


The loudness or softness of a sound is determined basically by its amplitude. The amplitude of the sound wave depends upon the force with which an object is made to 

The amplitude is expressed in metre(m).

The number of complete oscillations per unit time is called the frequency. 
                                              F =(1/T) 

The frequency is expressed in hertz (Hz).

  • Larger the amplitude of vibration, louder is the sound. 
  • Higher the frequency of vibration, the higher is the pitch, and shriller is the sound.

All harmonics are overtone but all overtones are not harmonics.

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