SSC Stenographer Tier-I 2017 Questions: 11th September-1st Shift

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SSC Stenographer 2017 Tier-I 1st shift is over. These questions are based on the type of questions asked in the 1st shift of the exam. Candidates having Stenographer Exam in other shifts can go through these questions and can expect these questions to be asked in upcoming shifts as well.

Q1. One question from UDAAN scheme.

Q2. Blue revolution is related to.

Q3. Who discovered hydrogen?

Q4. RBI was established in

Q5. One question from  Jigyasa Scheme.

Q6. Which of the following are sessions of Indian Parliament?

Q7. Macmohan boundary line is between____________.

Q8. What is the old name of singer A.R.Rahman?

Q9. Which of the following committee is related to BCCI?

Q10. Which Country built the Parliament of Afghanistan?

Q11. For which country, India built the Charbahar Port?  

Q12. One question was asked from Hereditary.

Q13. One question from Priyanka Gandhi case.

Q14. Human Development Theory was given by?

Q15. Bharat Ratna award

Q16. One question was asked related to Adolf Hitler.

Q17. One question from writ.

Q18. One question from Monte Marlo reforms.

Q19. Which of the following gas is used Fluorescent bulb?

Q20. Vitamin K deficiency reason?

Q21. Vikramshaila University was established by?

Q22. Treaty related to British Govt, & Shah Alam II.

Q23. Hard Water is formed by_______.

Q24. Who is the first man in International Court of Justice of India?

Q25. Ecology term was first used by ?

Q26. Benzene was discovered by_______.

2-3 questions from committees

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