Physics Questions for SSC CGL Exam

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We are providing the alternate quizzes on Chemistry/Biology/Physics. From this section you will get at least 7-8 questions in SSC CGL Exam. So from this quiz one can prepare general science section on daily basis.

Q1. In a transistor, the base is—
(a) An insulator 
(b) A conductor of low resistance 
(c) A conductor of high resistance 
(d) An extrinsic semiconductor 

Q2. Which instrument is used to measure depth of ocean?
(a) Fathometer
(b) Fluxmeter
(c) Endoscope
(d) Galvanometer

Q3. Which instrument is used in submarine to see the objects above sea level?
(a) Periscope
(b) Polygraph
(c) Photometer
(d) Pykometer

Q4. What is the measuring unit of length of light waves?
(a) Barrel
(b) Angstrom
(c) Knot
(d) Carat

Q5. Force of attraction between the molecules of different substances is called—
(a) Surface tension
(b) Cohesive force
(c) Adhesive force
(d) None of above

Q6. Which of the following is an insulator?
(a) copper
(b) ebonite
(c) glass
(d) both (b) & (c)

Q7. What happens to acceleration due to gravity(g), if angular speed of earth increases?
(a) increases
(b) decreases
(c) remains same
(d) none of the above

Q8. Electric Motor converts—
(a) Electrical energy into light energy
(b) Mechanical energy into Electrical energy
(c) Electrical energy into mechanical energy
(d) None of the above

Q9.Why are ultrasonic waves are used for stirring liquid solutions?
(a) do not produce chemical reactions in the solution 
(b) can produce perfectly homogeneous solution
(c) are easy to produce
(d) do not produce noise during the operation

Q10. Which of the following instrument is used to measure the strength of winds—
(a) Tachometer
(b) Barometer
(c) Anemometer
(d) Rectifier

Q11. An object is placed between two parallel mirrors. The number of images formed is—
(a) 6
(b) 8
(c) 9
(d) Infinity

Q12. Acceleration due to gravity(g) is independent of—
(a) mass of the body
(b) size
(c) shape
(d) all of the above

Q13. The frequency of sound waves can be expressed in—
(a) s-1 
(b) Hz
(c) Cycles/second
(d) All of the above

Q14. When a ray or light enters a glass slab from air
(a) Its wavelength increase
(b) Its wavelength decrease
(c) Its frequency increase
(d) Both are increases

Q15. Ultrasonic waves can be detected by—
(a) Quinck’s tube
(b) Kundt’s tube 
(c) Hebb’s method
(d) Telephone


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