Physics Questions for SSC CGL Exam

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We are providing the alternate quizzes on Chemistry/Biology/Physics. From this section you will get at least 7-8 questions in SSC CGL Exam. So from this quiz one can prepare general science section on daily basis.

Q1. Why metals are good conductors of electricity? 
(a) They contain free electrons 
(b) The atoms are lightly packed 
(c) They have high melting point 
(d) All of the above 

Q2. Pa (Pascal) is the unit of which of the following?
(a) Thrust 
(b) Pressure 
(c) Frequency 
(d) Conductivity 

Q3. On a clean glass plate a drop of water spreads to form a thin layer whereas a drop of mercury remains almost spherical because—  
(a) Mercury is a metal 
(b) The density of mercury is greater than that of water 
(c) The cohesion of mercury is greater than its adhesion with glass 
(d) The cohesion of water is greater than its adhesion with glass 

Q4. When a liquid is at its boiling point, no temperature change takes place due to heating. The energy supplied due to heating—
(a) Is used up to increase the potential energy of the liquid molecules 
(b) Is used up to increase the kinetic energy of the molecules 
(c) Is used up to increase the kinetic energy and potential energy of the molecules 
(d) Is wasted 

Q5. A copper plate has a circular hole cut in it. If the plate is heated to a higher temperature, the diameter of the hole— 
(a) Become smaller 
(b) Increases 
(c) Remains constant 
(d) Increases but the total area of the plate remains constant 

Q6. The fundamental characteristic of all waves are—
(a) Wavelength 
(b) Frequency 
(c) Velocity 
(d) All of the above

Q7. Of the following properties of a wave, the one that is independent of the other is its—
(a) Amplitude 
(b) Velocity 
(c) Wavelength 
(d) Frequency 

Q8. A man standing at the finish line is recording the time of a race competition by means of a stop watch. He must start the watch when—
(a) He hears the sound of the starting gun 
(b) He sees flash of light coming from the starting gun 
(c) He sees first man leaving the starting line 
(d) He either sees the flash or hears the sound 

Q9. The crystal of diamond shines due to— 
(a) High density 
(b) Total internal reflection 
(c) Crystal lattice 
(d) None of these 

Q10. The refractive index of the material of a glass prism depends upon— 
(a) The angle of the prism 
(b) The intensity of the incident light ray 
(c) The colour of the incident light ray 
(d) Size of the prism 

Q11. A man wearing spectacles, when working with a microscope— 
(a) Cannot see anything through the microscope 
(b) Should keep on wearing spectacles 
(c) Should take off his spectacles 
(d) May work with or without spectacles 

Q12. The spread in colours in a rainbow on sky is primarily due to 
(a) dispersion of sunlight 
(b) reflection of sunlight 
(c) refraction of sunlight 
(d) total internal reflection of sunlight

Q13. Ability of the eye to see objects at all distances is called— 
(a) Binocular vision 
(b) Myopia 
(c) Hypermetropia 
(d) Accommodation 

Q14. Mach number is used in connection with the speed of—
(a) Sound 
(b) Aircraft 
(c) Spacecraft 
(d) Ships 

Q15. Sound of frequency below 20 Hz are called— 
(a) Audio sounds 
(b) Infrasonics 
(c) Ultrasonics 
(d) Supersonics 

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