Reasoning Questions for SSC CGL/MTS Exams

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Here we are providing a Reasoning quiz in accordance with the syllabus of SSC CGL Tier-I, This post comprises 15 Questions of Miscellaneous Questions which will really help you getting more marks in final exam.


Q1. If ‘B’s mother was A’s mother’s daughter, how was A related to B?
(a) Uncle 
(b) Aunt 
(c) Sister 
(d) Data is insufficient 

Q2. In this question, various terms of a letter series are given with one term missing as shown by (?). Choose the missing term out of the given alternatives. 
a,y,c,w,e,u, (?), (?) 
(a) I q
(b) f t
(c) g k
(d) g s

Q3. After walking 6 km, I turned right and covered a distance of 2 km, then turned left and covered a distance of 10 km. In the end, I was moving towards the north. From which direction did I start my journey?
(a) North 
(b) South 
(c) East 
(d) West

Q4. If ‘÷’ shows ‘>’, ‘×’ shows ‘+’, ‘+’ shows ‘÷’, ‘-’ shows ‘=’, ‘>’ shows ‘×’, ‘=’ shows ‘<’, ‘<’ shows ‘-’ then which of the following will be the correct?
(a) 3 + 2 < 4 ÷ 6 > 3 × 2
(b) 3 × 2 < 4 ÷ 6 + 3 < 2 
(c) 3 > 2 < 4 – 6 × 3 × 2
(d) 3 × 2 × 4 = 6 + 3 < 2 

Q5. In a certain code, ‘SPRING’ is written as ‘#2%@4 =’ and ‘GONE’ is written as ‘=74©’. How would ‘SIGN’ be written in the same code?
(a) #7=4
(b) 2@=4
(c) #@=4
(d) #%=4

Q6. In this question, a word is represented by only one set of numbers as given in any one of the alternatives. The sets of numbers given in the alternatives are represented by two classes of alphabets as in the two given matrices. The columns and rows of Matrix I are numbered from 0 to 4 and those of Matrix II from 5 to 9. A letter from these matrices can be represented first by its row and then the column number e.g. M can be represented by 14, 21, etc; O can be represented by 20, 32 etc. 
Similarly, you have to identify the correct set for the word “DARE”  

(a) 23, 03, 75, 79
(b) 23, 21, 75, 79
(c) 23, 21, 00, 79
(d) 23, 21, 75, 87

Q7. If AMAZING is coded as CKDWMJL, then RAINBOW will be coded as_____

Q8. Shinchan starts from point P and walks towards South and stops at point Q. He now takes a right turn followed by a left turn and stops at point R. He finally takes a left turn and stops at point S. If he walks 5 km before taking each turn, towards which direction will Shinchan have to walk from point S to reach point Q?
(a) North   
(b) South  
(c) West   
(d) East 

Q9.  Statements: 
All girls are dolls.
All dolls are sweet. 
Conclusions : 
I. Some sweet are girls.
II. All girls are sweet.
III. All sweet are girls.
IV. All sweet are dolls.
(a) Only I and II 
(b) Only I III and IV follow
(c) Only II, III and IV follow 
(d) All follow

Directions (10-11) : In each of the following questions, one term is wrong. Find the wrong term from the given alternatives.

Q10. 7, 8, 18, 66, 322, 1938 
(a) 8
(b) 66
(c) 322
(d) 18

Q11. 828, 412, 204, 100, 48, 26, 9
(a) 204
(b) 26
(c) 48
(d) 828

Q12. Shisuka leaves from her home. She first walks 30 metres in North-west direction and then 30 metres in South-west direction. Next, she walks 30 metres in South-east direction. Finally, she turns towards her house. In which direction is she moving?
(a) North-east  
(b) North-west 
(c) South-east 
(d) South-west 

Q13. In this letter series some of the letters are missing which are given in that order as one of the alternatives below it. Choose the correct alternative. 
p _ r _ t _ pq _ stp _ qrs _
(a) psprqt
(b) qsprqt
(c) rsqrqt 
(d) rrprqt

Directions (14-15): In each of the following questions, there is some relationship between the two terms to the left of : : and the same relationship holds between the two terms to its right. Also, in each question, one term either to the right of : : or to the left of it is missing. The term is given as one of the alternatives given below each question. Find out this term. 

Q14. EJOT : VQLG : : BGLQ : ? 
(a) AEIM 
(b) AFKP
(c) YTOJ
(d) ZUPK

Q15. Vigilant : Alert: : Viable : ?
(a) Active 
(b) Feasible
(c) Hopeless
(d) Useful


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