SSC Quiz – History

1.Put the following in an ascending chronological order:1. Battle at Panipat. Afghan army beats Mahratten2. Charles Cornwallis was appointed governor-general of India3. Battle at Kurdla. Mahratten beat Mogols4. England signed treaty with Nizam of Hyderabad
  A. 2, 1, 3, 4
  B. 3, 2, 1, 4
  C. 2, 3, 1, 4
  D. 1, 2, 3, 4 
Which one of the following pairs of composers in different languages and their works on Mahabharata theme is correctly matched?
[A]Sarladasa- Bengali
[B]Kasirama- Oriya
[C]Tikkana- Marathi
[D]Pampa- Kannada 

2. The medieval Indian writer who referred to the discovery of America is-
[A]Malik Mohammad Jayasi
[B]Amir Khusro
[D]Abul Fazl 

3. The members of Shivaji’s Astha Prdhana who looked after foreign affairs is-
[C]Pandit Rao

4. The loss of Qandhar was a big blow to Mughal Empire from the point of view of:
[A]Natural resources
[B]Buffer territory
[D]Strategic stronghold 
5. Fawazil in the Sultanate period meant-
[A]Extra payments to the nobles
[B]Revenues assigned in lieu of salaries
[C]Excess amount paid to the exchequer by the Iqtadars
[D]Illaegal exactions extracted from the peasants 

6. The Sultan of Delhi who is reputed to built the biggest networks of canal in India is-
[B]Ghiyyasuddin Tuglaq
[C]Feroze Shah Tughlaq
[D]Sikander Lodhi 
7. Directions: The following items consist of two statement One labelled the ‘Assertion A’ and the other as ‘Reason R’ You are to examine these two statements carefully and decid if the ‘ Assertion A’ and the ‘Reason R’ are individually tru and if so, whether the ‘Reason R’ is the correct explanatin of the given’ Assertion A’.
Assertion (A) : At first the Turkish administration in India was essentially military
Reason(R): The country was parcelled out as Iqtas to the leading military leaders
[A]Both A and R is true and R is the perfect explanation of A
[B]Both A and R is true but R is not the correct explanation of A
[C]A is true but R IS false
[D]A is false but R IS true 
8. Assertion (A): During the reign of Shahjahan, Dara Shikoh was sent on the expedition on Balkha, Badakhshan, Qandhar
Reason [R]: the expedition sent by Shahjahan to Middle East was a marvellous success
[A]Both A and R is true and R is the perfect explanation of A
[B]Both A and R is true but R is not the correct explanation of A
[C]A is true but R IS false
[D]A is false but R IS true 
9. Consider the following statement 
Ahadi were those troopers who:
1. Offered their services singly
2. Did not attach themselves to any chief 
3. Had the emporer as their immediate colonel
4. Attach themselves to Mirzas
Of these statements:
[A]1, 3, 4 are correct
[B]1, 2, 3 are correct
[C]2 and 3 are correct
[D]1 and 4 are correct 
10. Consider the following:
1. Tughlakhabad Fort
2. Lodhi Garden
3. Qutab Minar
4. Fatehpur Sikri
The correct chronological order in which they were built:



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