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Profit & Loss Quiz [Advanced Level] for SSC CGL 2019-20 Exam : 20th November

SSC CGL 2019 Exam notification is out once again raise the bar of competition. All the four sections bag impeccable practice when it comes to SSC Exams. Considering the same, at ADDA247 we are prompted to make Daily Quant Quiz accessible to you, aiming at a cut above preparation of latest exam pattern based questions. You are asked to practice Daily Quant Quiz at SSCADDA which encapsulates the exam like environment facilitated with extraordinary content. To make headway in upcoming SSC CGL Exams, go the extra mile with our Daily Quant Quiz.

Q1. Cost of 40 books is equal to the market price of 16 Book. If seller make 100% profit then find the discount percentage given by him to buyer.
(a) 25%
(b) 16(2/3)%
(c) 33(1/3)%
(d) 20%

Q2. Adda 247 launched two new test series and decided to sell them at same price. They got 23% loss on first type of test series and 56% profit on second type of test series calculate profit or gain on overall transaction in Rs, if selling price of each type of test series is 34534.5 .
(a) 2081.5 profit
(b) 2655.5 loss
(c) 2635.8 Rs loss
(d) 1905.5 profit

Q3. Priya sells his car for Rs 15.2 lakhs and makes some loss. If he had sold it for Rs 28.15 lakh, his profit would have been 17 11/17% more than his loss. Find the sum of digits of x. (if x is the cost price of car)
(a) 11
(b) 7
(c) 17
(d) 9

Q4. A shopkeeper had 2500 kgs of rice. He sold a part of it at 17% profit and the rest at 13% profit, so that he made a total profit 14.26%. How much rice (in kgs) did he sell at 13% profit?
(a) 264.5
(b) 182.5
(c) 162.5
(d) 135.5

Q5. Apple sells its earphone to a retailer at a profit of 10% and the retailer sells it to a customer at a profit of 15%. If the customer pays Rs 2783 what had it cost (approximately) to the apple (in Indian rupees)?
(a) 2175
(b) 2200
(c) 2283
(d) 2275

Q6. Oil equal to 25% of the weight of ground nut is extracted in a mill. The matter left after extraction is sold as cattle feed at the rate of Rs 23.5/kg. The groundnuts are bought at Rs 45/kg. The processing cost is Rs 9/kg. At what price (Rs per kg) should the oil be sold to earn 23% profit on total costs (Total cost =Cost of groundnuts and Processing costs)?
(a) 250.58
(b) 198.97
(c) 156.58
(d) 195.18

Q7. On a certain item profit is 260%. If the cost price increases by 36% what will be the new profit margin (in %)?
(a) 153.07
(b) 105.70
(c) 163.56
(d) 164.7

Q8. A vendor buys bananas at 12 for Rs 13 and sells at 13 for Rs 12. What will be the result?
(a) 25.1% loss
(b) 17.36% profit
(c)14.79% loss
(d)16.6% loss

Q9. A vendor buys bananas at 19 for Rs 18 and sells at 18 for Rs 19. What will be the profit or loss (in %)?
(a) 11.61% profit
(b) 12.56% loss
(c) 11.41% profit
(d) 14.51% loss

Q10. A wholesaler had 540 dozens of mangoes. He sold some of these mangoes at 35% profit and the rest at 8% profit, so that he made 22% profit on selling all the mangoes. How many mangoes (in dozens) did he sell at 8% profit?
(a) 230
(b) 260
(c) 390
(d) 256

S1. Ans.(d)
CP of 40 books = MP of 16 books
CP × 40 = MP × 16
Let CP = 2n
MP = 5n
Required Discount % =(5n-4n)/5n×100=20%

S2. Ans.(a)
CP of first test series = 34534.5/77×100=44850
CP of second test series = 34534.5/156×100=22137.5
Total CP = 66987.5
Total SP = 69069
Profit = 2081.5
S3. Ans.(d)
17 11/17%=3/17
Atq, 28.15- 15.2 = 12.95
12.95 = 17x+20x
CP = 12.95/37×17+15.2=21.15
Sum of digits = 2 + 1 + 1 + 5
= 9

S4. Ans.(c)
Profit & Loss Quiz [Advanced Level] for SSC CGL 2019-20 Exam : 20th November_50.1  

S5. Ans.(b)
Profit & Loss Quiz [Advanced Level] for SSC CGL 2019-20 Exam : 20th November_60.1
S6. Ans.(D)
Let total ground nut = 4 kg
C.P. = (45 + 9) ×4= Rs. 216
S.P. = (216×123)/100=Rs. 265.68
(265.68 – 70.5) = 195.18 Rs

S7. Ans.(C)
Old CP = 100, Profit = 260%, SP = 360
If CP ↑es by 36% =100×34/25=136
P% = ((360 –136))/136×100 = 164.7%

S8. Ans.(C)
L% = ((13)^2–(12)^2)/(13)^2 ×100
= 25/169×100 ⇒14.79%

Sol. IF cp of a article is b and sp of b article is a then
P%=((a)^2 – (b)^2)/(b)^2 ×100
P% =((19)^2 – (18)^2)/(18)^2 ×100
= 11.41% profit

Sol. By allegation
Profit & Loss Quiz [Advanced Level] for SSC CGL 2019-20 Exam : 20th November_70.1

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