Previous Year Discounts Questions For SSC CGL 2017

Dear Readers, Here We are providing a quant Quiz of 15 Discount questions in accordance with the syllabus of SSC CGL. Most of these Questions are Previous Year asked in SSC CGL. It will give you implicit idea of Math Question Paper of SSC CGL 2017

Q1. Successive discounts of 10% and 30% are equivalent to a single discount of: 
(a) 40%
(b) 35%
(c) 38%
(d) 37%

Q2. A trademan marks his good at 20% above the cost price. He allows his customers a discount of 8% on marked price. Find out his profit percent. 
(a) 12%
(b) 10.4%
(c) 16%
(d) 20% 

Q3. A discount of 2 (1/2)% is given to the customer on the marked price of an article. A man bought the article for Rs. 39. The market price of the article is: 
(a) Rs. 42
(b) Rs. 36.5
(c) Rs. 40
(d) Rs. 41.5 

Q4. The marked price of a watch is Rs. 1000. A retailer buys it at Rs. 810 after getting two successive discounts of 10% and another rate which is illegible. What is the second discount rate?
(a) 15%
(b) 10%
(c) 8%
(d) 6.5%

Q5. A dealer offers a discount of 10% on the marked price of an article and still makes a profit of 20%. If its marked price is Rs. 800, then the cost price of the article is: 
(a) Rs. 900
(b) Rs. 800
(c) Rs. 700
(d) Rs. 600 

Q6. The marked price of an article is Rs. 200. A discount of 12 (1/2)% is allowed on the marked price and a profit of 25% is made. The cost price of the article is
(a) Rs. 200
(b) Rs. 175
(c) Rs. 120
(d) Rs. 140 

Q7. A trader marked the selling price of an article at 10% above the cost price. At the time of selling he allows certain discount and suffers a loss of 1%. He allowed the discount of: 
(a) 11%
(b) 10%
(c) 9%
(d) 10.5%

Q8. The marked price of an electric iron is Rs. 690. The shopkeeper allows a discount of 10% and gains 8%. If no discount is allowed, his gain percent would be 
(a) 20%
(b) 24%
(c) 25%
(d) 28%

Q9. A trader marked the price of his commodity so as to include a profit of 25%. He allowed discount of 16% on the marked price. His actual profit was:  
(a) 5%
(b) 9%
(c) 16%
(d) 25%

Q10. A shopkeeper marks his sarees at 20% above the cost price and allows the purchaser a discount of 10% for cash buying. What profit percent does he marked? 
(a) 18%
(b) 12%
(c) 10%
(d) 8%

Q11. A shopkeeper earns a profit of 12% on selling a book at 10% discount on the printed price. The ratio of the cost price and the printed price of the book is
(a) 45 : 56
(b) 45 : 51
(c) 47 : 56
(d) 47 : 51

Q12. While selling shirt, a shopkeeper gives a discount of 7%. If he had given a discount of 9% he would have got Rs. 15 less as profit. The marked price of the shirt is 
(a) Rs. 750
(b) Rs. 720
(c) Rs. 712.50
(d) Rs. 600 

Q13. The selling price of an article is 1,920 and the discount given is 4%. The marked price of the article is 
(a) Rs. 2,400
(b) Rs. 2,000
(c) Rs. 1,600
(d) Rs. 1,200

Q14. A shopkeeper sells his goods at 15% discount. The marked price of an article whose selling price is Rs. 629 is: 
(a) Rs. 740
(b) Rs. 704
(c) Rs. 700
(d) Rs. 614 

Q15. A discount of 24% on the marked price of an article is allowed and then the article is sold for Rs. 342. The marked price of the article is 
(a) Rs. 500
(b) Rs. 490
(c) Rs. 450
(d) Rs. 430

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