Theory Based Repeated Question of Geometry FOR SSC CGL EXAM

Dear Readers, Here we are providing Theory Based  Repeated  Question of Geometry in ssc cgl exam. This will help you to give the answer orally. So you can save for another Questions
⇒ Circum radius of right angled triangle is?
Ans. Half of hypotenuse
⇒ Distance of vertices for any triangle from circumcentre is known as?
Ans. Circum radius

⇒ In a right angled triangle the circumcentre of the triangle lies?
Ans. On midpoint of the hypotenuse
⇒ The perpendiculars drawn from the vertices to the opposite sides of a triangle, meet at the point whose name is.
Ans. Orthocenter
⇒ Orthocentre of right angle triangle lies at
Ans. At right angle vertex
⇒ Orthocentre of obtuse triangle lies.
Ans. Outside the triangle
⇒ If the orthocenter and the centroid of a triangle are the same, then the triangle is 
Ans. Equilateral triangle
⇒ In a triangle, if three altitudes are equal then the triangle is
Ans. Equilateral
⇒ The sum of three altitudes of a triangle is 
Ans. Less than the sum of side
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