Previous Year Questions of Mensuration For SSC CGL 2017

Dear Readers, Here We are providing a quant Quiz of 15 Mensuration question in accordance with the syllabus of SSC CGL. Most of these Questions are Previous Year asked in SSC CGL. It will give you implicit idea of Math Question Paper of SSC CGL 2017

Q1. A street of width 10 metres surrounds from outside a rectangular garden whose measurement is 200 m × 180 m. The area of the path (in square metres) is 
(a) 8000
(b) 7000
(c) 7500
(d) 8200

Q2. The area of the square inscribed in a circle of radius 8 cm is 
(a) 256 sq. cm 
(b) 250 sq. cm 
(c) 128 sq. cm 
(d) 125 sq. cm 

Q3. Area of square with diagonal 8√2 cm is 
(a) 64 cm^2
(b) 29 cm^2
(c) 56 cm^2
(d) 128 cm^2

Q5. If the perimeter of a square and a rectangle are the same, then the area P and Q enclosed by them would satisfy the condition 
(a) P < Q
(b) P ≤ Q 
(c) P > Q
(d) P = Q 

Q6. A cube of edge 6 cm is painted on all sides and then cut into unit cubes. The number of unit cubes with no sides painted is 
(a) 0
(b) 64
(c) 186
(d) 108

Q7.The length of diagonal of a square is 15√2 cm. Its area is 
(a) 112.5 cm^2
(b) 450 cm^2
(c) (255√2)/2  cm^2
(d) 225 cm^2

Q8. A kite in the shape of a square with a diagonal 32 cm attached to an equilateral triangle of the base 8 cm. Approximately how much paper has been used to make it? n (Use √3=1.732)
(a) 539.712 cm2
(b) 538.721 cm2
(c) 540.712 cm2
(d) 539.217 cm2

Q9. A lawn is in the form of a rectangle having its breadth had length in the radio 3 : 4. The area of the lawn is 1/12hectare. The breadth of the lawn is 
(a) 25 metres 
(b) 50metres
(c) 75 metres
(d) 100 metres

Q10. The area of a rectangle is thrice that of a square. The length of the rectangle is 20 cm and the breadth of the rectangle is 3/2 times that of the side of the square. The side of the square, (in cm) is 
(a) 10
(b) 20
(c) 30
(d) 60

Q11. The length and breadth of a rectangular field are in the ratio 7 : 4. A path 4 m wide running all around outside has an area of 416 m2. The breadth (in m) of the field is 
(a) 28
(b) 14
(c) 15
(d) 16

Q12. How many tiles, each 4 decimeter square will be required to cover the floor of a room 8 m long and 6 m broad? 
(a) 200
(b) 260
(c) 280
(d) 300

Q13. A godown is 15 m long and 12 m broad. The sum of the area of the floor and the celling is equal to the sum of areas of the four walls. The volume (in m3) of the godown is: 
(a) 900
(b) 1200
(c) 1800
(d) 720

Q14. Length of a side of a square inscribed in a circles is a√2 units. The circumference of the circle is
(a) 2πa units 
(b) πa units
(c) 4πa units
(d) 2a/π units 

Q15. The perimeter and length of a rectangle are 40 m and 12 m respectively. Its breadth will be 
(a) 10 m
(b) 8 m 
(c) 6 m 
(d) 3 m 

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