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SSC JE Tier 1 Exam: Check Questions Asked in SSC JE Exam

SSC JE Tier 1 Exam Questions Asked 2020: Staff Selection Commission is conducting the SSC JE Tier 1 exam from 27th to 30th October 2020 where lakhs of aspirants will try to grab a government job of SSC. The exam analysis for SSC JE has been already provided along with the number of good attempts. Candidates can now check the SSC JE questions asked in the Tier 1 exam. 

SSC JE Questions asked on 30th Oct [Shift 1]

  • Which state of India topped in Good Governance Index?
  • Which state of India topped in Swachh Survekshan?
  • One question from UDEY Yojna
  • One question from Bank scheme
  • Who was the president of India when the Voting age reduced from 21 to 18?
  • Which part of the eye is light sensitive?
  • Chlorophyll absorbs which energy?
  • Ibn battuta came from which country?
  • Question on Soundness test? – autoclave
  • Question on workability? – Complaction Factor Test
  • Question on finen test ? – air permeablity
  • use of no fine concrete? – high permeablity & low permeablity
  • Question on Sludge Blanket? V1(1-P1)=V2(1-P2)
  • Question on strong oxidising agent
  • Question on curvature & Reaction?
  • One question from consolidation
  • Question on non destructive testing? Pulse Velocity Method
  • Numericals on SOM
  • Drinking water fluoride value?
  • Use of seal coat bitumen to surface plug off?
  • Question on Rutting?
  • Which type of member is Purlin?
  • Question On Arches?
  • Dead load + live load without wind and earthquake?
  • Numerical on finding a fixed end moment?
  • Carpet area method and plinth area method?
  • The relation between Floor area and carpet area?
  • Numerical on sinking fund?
  • question on Maximum safe speed limit on the highway?
  • Question on the continuity equation?
  • If the flow is laminar & steady which of the following equation will follow?
  • Question on the reciprocating pump?
  • Question on survey RL Calculation?
  • For Hilly terrain which survey method is used?
  • Question on Sleeper Density?
  • why Rise & Fall is better than the HI method?
  • The minimum area of steel reinforcement?

SSC JE Questions asked on 29th Oct [Shift 2]

  • Where is Tonk State?
  • What % reservation is given to EWS?
  • Where is the 18th Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement held?
  • Who discovered Radioactivity?
  • Bar code that is scanned?
  • Where did the 11th BRICS summit 2019 event take place?
  • What is the full form of LAN?
  • Who is the Chairman of GST Council?
  • koneru humpy is related to which game?
  • In 2019 Maharashtra Legislative Assembly election Which party came 4th?
  • What was the ancient name of Mahabalipuram?
  • With whom was the Zabt in the Mughal period related?
  • Name of AIDS test?
  • Which is not a genetic disease?
  • kitab ul hind written in which language ?
  • Who inaugurated ‘Safe Motherhood Assurance Scheme Suman’
  • What is the population density of India according to 2011 census
  • Which disease is caused by the excess of red blood cell in the blood
  • India’s rank in largest Crude oil refinery capacity worldwide?
  • Which state has maximum forest area?
  • Where was the poet’s conference held in Sangam period?
  • Where is Sunderban National Park?
  • First state in coffee production?
  • Who is called Birdman of India?
  • Bhupen Hazarika Bridge connects Assam with which state?
  • Who among the following has not received Padam Vibhushan 2020?
  • Whose unit is diopter?
  • Which country’s President attended the Republic Day celebrations on 26 january 2020 as the Chief Guest?
  • Whose The 9-foot high, 800 kg bronze statue, created by well-known Indian artist Ram V Sutar, gifted to Manchester
  • City in England?

SSC JE Questions asked on 29th Oct [Shift 1]

  • Vikram Sarabhai Children Innovation Center will be opened in which state?
  • Why did Rabindranath Tagore return his knighthood?
  • According to Tiger Census 2018, how many tigers in India?
  • Who was the first Governor-General Of Independent India?
  • PM Modi started “Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojna” from which state?
  • Who was the first Law Minister of Independent India?
  • Who got Nobel Prize 2019 for peace?
  • Who is the current Minister of Environment, forest and climate change?
  • One question on the largest forest cover in India?
  • One question on monsoon.
  • India is located in which hemisphere?
  • What is the chemical formula of Sodium Chloride?
  • Why Does Food Cook Faster In A Pressure Cooker?
  • Why the sky appears blue?
  • What is the value of blood pressure in a healthy person?
  • Who was the British prime minister at the time of Cripps Mission?
  • Where is the headquarter of Interpol?
  • Define the booting process in computer.
  • Which of the following river is not originated from India? [Satluj, Ravi, Jhelum, Chenab]
  • Which of the following is correct for RED colour?
  • Why Mawsynram is famous for?
  • When did Aligarh Muslim University establish?
  • In South Asian Games 2019, Which country got maximum gold medals?
  • Who established All India Forward Bloc in 1939?
  • Who is the advisor of sanvidhan samiti?
  • What is the atomic number of magnesium?
  • Manas National Park situated in?
  • Govt. Act of India 1992 known as
  • Who was the first Lokpal of India?
  • What is the full form of NEFT?
  • SEBI was established in which year?
  • one question related to 42nd Amendment.
  • Irani trophy related to which sport?
  • VDU is related to which part of the computer?
  • Plants convert solar energy into which energy?
  • Sound travels fast in which of the following? [Vacuum, solid, liquid, gas]
  • Which of the following is non-metal? [Na, K, CO2, ]
  • Humidity is measured by?

SSC JE Questions asked on 28th Oct [Shift 1]

  • Current Affairs questions were asked from last year
  • Who was elected as the PM of Srilanka in 2019?
  • Question on Vipin Rawat?
  • One question related to ISRO?
  • Which coast separates Srilanka and India?
  • The technical part consisted of theory mostly but questions were easily doable
  • Electrical Circut: 10 – 15 Q
  • Electrical Machine: 30 – 35 Q
  • Measurement – 7 Q
  • Transmission – 10-15 Q
  • Estimation Costing – 3 Q
  • Basic Electronics – 8 – 10 Q
  • if a machine is run in underexcited state how much power will it deliver?
  • Find out rotor frequency?
  • Supernode develops in which part?
  • Question on diversity factor?
  • Question on Plan Capacity?
  • Question on Back EMF?
  • Question on Equivalent resistance?

SSC JE Questions asked on 27th Oct [Shift 1]

  • Current Affairs asked from January-Feb 2020
  • Who is the Ambassador of Mastercard
  • Who was the first ruler of Mughal Dynasty?
  • One question based on The Hindu paper.
  • one question asked from Hacker
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