SSC JE General Awareness Questions : 12th September

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Q1.What is the minimum age required to become a member of municipality?
नगरपालिका का सदस्य बनने के लिए न्यूनतम आयु कितनी है?
(a) 15 years/वर्ष
(b) 20 years/ वर्ष
(c) 21 years/ वर्ष
(d) 25 years/ वर्ष

S1. Ans.(c)
Sol. According to Article 243v(1)(b), the minimum age for election as a member of a Municipality is 21 years.

Q2. The President of India appoints how many Chief Election Commissioner(s)?
भारत का राष्ट्रपति कितने मुख्य चुनाव आयुक्त नियुक्त करता है?
(a) One /एक
(b) Two/दो
(c) Three/तीन
(d) Four/चार

S2. Ans.(a)
Sol. The President of India appoints a Chief Election Commissioner and two Election Commissioners.

Q3. Who appears on behalf of the Government of India in all cases in the Supreme Court in which Government of India is concerned?
सर्वोच्च न्यायालय में भारत सरकार से सम्बंधित सभी मामलों में भारत सरकार की ओर से कौन उपस्थित होता है?
(a) Comptroller and Auditor General of India/ भारत के नियंत्रक और महालेखा परीक्षक
(b) Advocate General of State / राज्य के महाधिवक्ता
(c) Attorney General of India/ भारत के महान्यायवादी
(d) Chief Election Commissioner of India/ भारत के मुख्य चुनाव आयुक्त

S3. Ans.(c)
Sol. Attorney General of India appears on behalf of the Government of India in all cases in the Supreme Court in which Government of India is concerned.

Q4. Comptroller and Auditor General of India is appointed by ______.
भारत के नियंत्रक और महालेखा परीक्षक ______ द्वारा नियुक्त किये जाते है।
(a) Prime Minister of India/भारत के प्रधान मंत्री
(b) Judge of Supreme Court/ सर्वोच्च न्यायालय के न्यायाधीश
(c) President of India / भारत के राष्ट्रपति
(d) Chief Election Commissioner of India/ भारत के मुख्य चुनाव आयुक्त

Sol. CAG is constitutional office under article 148. He is appointed by President of India by warrant under his hand for period of 6 years or up to age of 65 years, whichever earlier.

Q5. Which of the following is NOT an example of intermontane plateau?
निम्नलिखित में से कौन सा अंतरापर्वतीय पठार का उदाहरण नहीं है?
(a) Plateau of Tibet/ तिब्बत का पठार
(b) Columbia Plateau/ कोलंबिया पठार
(c) Patagonia Plateau/ पेटागोनिया पठार
(d) Bolivian Plateau / बोलिवियाई पठार

Sol. A plateau which is enclosed or surrounded by mountain ranges is known as an Intermontane plateau. Examples of the intermontane plateau include the Tibetan plateau, the Bolivian plateaus, and the Western United States. Patagonia Plateau is a Piedmont plateau.

Q6. Which of the following lake lies on the Equator in Africa continent?
निम्नलिखित में से कौन सी झील अफ्रीका महाद्वीप में भूमध्य रेखा पर स्थित है?
(a) Tanganyika/ तन्गानिका
(b) Victoria/ विक्टोरिया
(c) Nyasa lake/ न्यासा झील
(d) Lake Kariba/ करिबा झील

S6. Ans.(b)
Sol. Lake Victoria is one of the African Great Lakes. The lake was named after Queen Victoria it lies on the Equator in Africa continent.

Q7. Which Five Year Plan was a failure due to India-China war followed by Indo-Pakistan?
भारत-पाकिस्तान के बाद भारत-चीन युद्ध के कारण कौन सी पंचवर्षीय योजना विफल रही?
(a) Fourth Five Year Plan/ चौथी पंचवर्षीय योजना
(b) Seventh Five Year Plan/ सातवीं पंचवर्षीय योजना
(c) Third Five Year Plan/ तीसरी पंचवर्षीय योजना
(d) Rolling Plan/ रोलिंग योजना

Sol. The Third Five-year Plan, stressed agriculture and improvement in the production of wheat, but the brief Sino-Indian War of 1962 exposed weaknesses in the economy. In 1965–1966, India fought a War with Pakistan. The war led to inflation and the priority was shifted to price stabilisation.

Q8. The Working Committee of National Congress sanctioned the resolution named ‘Quit India’ at –
राष्ट्रीय कांग्रेस की कार्य समिति ने ‘भारत छोड़ो’ नाम के प्रस्ताव को कहाँ मंजूरी दी?
(a) Wardha/वर्धा
(b) Nagpur/नागपुर
(c) Mumbai/मुंबई
(d) Delhi/दिल्ली

S8. Ans.(a)
Sol. In July 1942, the Congress Working Committee met at Wardha. Here a long resolution was passed that demanded that the “British Rule in India must end immediately”. The Wardha Resolution is also known as “Quit India Resolution”. This resolution was ratified in the All India Congress Committee at Bombay on August 7, 1942. Here a nonviolent mass struggle under the leadership of Gandhi was sanctioned in the “August Kranti Maidan”.

Q9. Which of the following Act introduced separate electorates (communal representation) for Muslims?
निम्नलिखित में से किस अधिनियम ने मुसलमानों के लिए अलग निर्वाचक मंडल (सांप्रदायिक प्रतिनिधित्व) की शुरुआत की?
(a) Indian Council Act 1892/ भारतीय परिषद अधिनियम 1892
(b) Indian Council Act 1909/ भारतीय परिषद अधिनियम 1909
(c) Government of India Act 1919/ भारत सरकार अधिनियम 1919
(d) Government of India Act of 1935/ 1935 का भारत सरकार अधिनियम

S9. Ans.(b)
Sol.Indian Council Act of 1909 also called Morley-Minto reform introduced a system of communal representation for Muslims by accepting the concept of ‘separate electorate’. Under this, the Muslim members were to be elected only by Muslim voters.

Q10. Who raised the slogan “Inquilab Zindabad”?
“इंकलाब जिंदाबाद” का नारा किसने लगाया?
(a) Subash Chandra Bose/सुभाष चन्द्र बोस
(b) Balagangadhar Tilak/बालगंगाधर तिलक
(c) Hasrst Mohani/ हसरत मोहानी
(d) Sukhdev/सुखदेव

S10. Ans.(c)
Sol. ‘Inquilab Zindabad’ slogan was first used by Hasrat Mohani. This famous slogan inspired the activities of the Hindustan Socialist Republican Association particularly Ashfaqulla Khan, Bhagat Singh and Chandrashekhar Azad.


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