SSC IMD Computer Science Quiz 2017

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In this exam, 100 questions will be asked from General Engineering (GE) section. We are providing quizzes on the alternate basis- Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering / Physics / Computer Science and Information Technology (CS IT). It will help you to score well in GE section.The Examination will be held from 20th to 25th November 2017 in a computer-based pattern.
Q1. Which among the following is a cloud computing platform and infrastructure created by Microsoft?
(a) Simple Storage Service
(b) Atmos
(c) OpenStack Swift
(d) Azure

Q2. Mozilla Firefox is a: 
(a) Spreadsheet
(b) Word processing software
(c) Web browser
(d) Programming software

Q3. The conversion of the binary number 10100111011 into its decimal form is __________.
(a) 1339
(b) 1349
(c) 1393
(d) 1939

Q4. Which of the following is an OOP principle?
(a) Structured programming
(b) Procedural programming
(c) Inheritance
(d) Linking

Q5. Which of the following does most appropriately relates to Cathode Ray Tube?
(a) Keyboard
(b) Mouse
(c) Monitor
(d) Mother board

Q6. The layers of the OSI model, from the top down, are:
(a) application, presentation, session, transport, network, data link, physical
(b) session, presentation, data transport, MAC, network, physical
(c) physical, data link, network, transport, session, presentation, application
(d) presentation, application, session, network, transport, data link, physical

Q7. Which of the following is true about Assembly language? 
(a) It is a Machine Language
(b) It is a High-level programming language
(c) It is a low-level programming language
(d) It is a language for assembling computers

Q8. Functions of keys F1, F2 and F3 are _____________ respectively.
(a) the activating menu bar, search and renaming the selected icon
(b) search, reboot and activating the menu bar
(c) activating help, renaming selected icon and search
(d) reboot, activating help and refresh

Q9. Web pages are created by using which among the following?
(a) SMTP
(b) HTML
(c) Usenet
(d) Internet

Q10. The first electro-mechanical computer MARK-1 invented was by ______. 
(a) Charles Pascal
(b) John W Mauchly
(c) Howard Aiken
(d) Clifford Berry

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