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SSC CHSL 2019 | Questions asked in the Exam : 2nd July

SSC CHSL 2019: Questions asked in 2nd July

Dear Aspirants,

With SSC CHSL 2019 exam kickstarting from 1st July, the time has come when aspirants from all over India will keep an eye on the SSC CHSL 2019 exam. Aspirants appearing for this exam are trying hard to do the best they can in order to surpass the high cutoffs. Aspirants going to appear in the upcoming shifts must be waiting for the questions asked in the exam so that they can get an idea of the exam pattern.  With this post, we are providing the questions asked in the SSC CHSL 2019 exam based on the review obtained by the aspirants who appeared for the exam. This post will help the aspirants who are yet to appear for the exam. Candidates should stay calm and study accordingly.

Questions asked in the SSC CHSL Exam: 2nd July

Below are the questions asked in today’s exam. We will provide the questions based on the reviews given by the students. Stay tuned for GA questions asked in the exam along with other subjects.

SSC CHSL GA Questions

  • Who is MSME minister?
  • Who was Pan Singh Tomar?
  • Bhupendra hazarika Dam connect Assam to which state?
  • China shares logest border with which state of India?
  • Who was the Founder of sayyid dynasty?
  • Which state seperate Bhutan & Nepal?
  • Who was the director of “Narender Modi”?
  • Who was the captain of 2018 women hockey team?
  • Who was the writer of “Kamayani”?
  • Who was the British president in 1886?
  • Panchavati of Ramayana is situated in which state?
  • Rani ki vav is situated in which state?
  • Which state banned e-cigarette on 31st may [tobacco day]?
  • Galena is the ore of?
  • Who was the Vice Captain of India when there was a match against England?
  • Full Form of SWIFT
  • Which application is launched by NPCI in 2016? (BHIM App)
  • Where is headquarter of UBI located?
  • 1 Ques from 124th amendment in Bill.
  • To which party does Ram Vilas Paswan belongs?
  • Who is Youth Affairs Minister?
  • Which chemical smells like Rotten Eggs?
  • 1 question related to the Dressing Culture of Assam.
  • What is the Currency of Myanmar?
  • 2 Ques from ICC World Cup.
  • Bangladesh won its first world cup match against whom?
  • Which state shares longest border with china
  • How many states touch the border of Nepal?
  • lok sabha election- 3 questions
  • Which party is not included in NDA?
  • Ram vilas paswan given which ministry?
  • How many seats won by Congress in Punjab?
  • Hertz is the SI unit of?

SSC CHSL English Questions

  • Synonym – Hind , Innuendo
  • Antonym- Succinct
  • last years repeated vocabs
  • Close test easy
  • Idioms & Phrases- Throw in the towel
  • Idioms & Phrases- To wash linen in public
  • Idiom – Tit for Tat
  • Synonym – Current, Adhere
  • Spelling of Vacuum
  • Spelling of Satellite

SSC CHSL Reasoning Questions

  • Spoke : wheel :: word : sentence
  • Venn Diagram- Mission, Labour, Raw material

SSC CHSL Quant Questions

  • Math was calculative
  • If a triangle of sides 25cm, 24cm & 7cm and G is the centroid of BG. Then find the circumradius?
  • ABC triangle, D & E are points given with DE:BC = 3:5 & DE is parallel to BC. Find Area of ADE : area of BCDE [ans is 9:16]
  • a3+ b3+ c3 = 125, a2+ b2+ c2 = 27, a+ b+ c = 5. Then find 4abc?
  • Sin^2A – Cos^2A – 3 Cos A+ 2
  • DI Based on Science and Art Students


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