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Home Articles SSC CHSL 2019 | Questions asked in the Exam : 1st July

SSC CHSL 2019 | Questions asked in the Exam : 1st July

SSC CHSL 2019: Questions asked in 1st July

Dear Aspirants,

With SSC CHSL 2019 exam kickstarting from 1st July, the time has come when aspirants from all over India will keep an eye on the SSC CHSL 2019 exam. Aspirants appearing for this exam are trying hard to do the best they can in order to surpass the high cutoffs. Aspirants going to appear in the upcoming shifts must be waiting for the questions asked in the exam so that they can get an idea of the exam pattern.  With this post, we are providing the questions asked in the SSC CHSL 2019 exam based on the review obtained by the aspirants who appeared for the exam. This post will help the aspirants who are yet to appear for the exam. Candidates should stay calm and study accordingly.

Questions asked in the SSC CHSL Exam: 1st July

Below are the questions asked in today’s exam. We will provide the questions based on the reviews given by the students. Stay tuned for GA questions asked in the exam along with other subjects.

  • There were 2 questions from circle in quant.
  • Hexagon area is given. Cost per meter was given. Find out side and cost of fencing?
  • 2 variable were given in a number: x y which number is divisible by 88
  • Two train 120 metre and 240 metre long take 10 seconds to cross Each Other when moving in the opposite direction if the faster train crosses the slowest train in 18 second when moving in the same direction then the speed of slower train is?
  • Different between हरित सोना & हरा सोना
  • Who is awarded 3 time as poly Grammy award?
  • Antonym/ Synonym- Inevitable, Adverse, Expose
  • Idioms & phrases- leave no stone unturned
  • Spelling correction Eagle
  • What is the SI unit of Luminous intensity?
  • Who is the CM of Goa?
  • Who is the CM of Sikkim?
  • Smallest organ of our body.
  • 1 parsec is equal to
  • Samyndra gupta nick name
  • Analogy- Ganga;india;;Neil ;?
  • Odd one out- 3107, 4139, _____, _______
  • If a plastic toy is of Rs.5 and plastic spoon of Rs.9, then total spent money to buy these
  • Rs.35. Find total no. of plastic toys
  • There were no questions from article.
  • Who is the Cheif Of Naval Staff?
  • Chattisgarh shares its boundary with which states?
  • ICC World Cup started on which date?
  • First search engine invented by whom?



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