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SSC CHSL General Awareness Questions : 2nd July

Dear Readers, GA section is taken on the light note but plays a vital role in achieving the score required to cross the cut off marks. We are providing important History Questions for this, it will help you to score well in GA section if you regularly follow the contents provided on scaffold website and Adda247 app regarding general knowledge important questions. We wish you the best wishes for all the upcoming exams.

Q1. After the Presiding officer declares the house adjourned sine die President of India issues a notification for ______ of the session.
पीठासीन अधिकारी के सदन को स्थगित कर देने के बाद भारत के अनिश्चित काल के राष्ट्रपति सत्र के ______ के लिए अधिसूचना जारी करता है।
(a) Adjournment/ स्थगन
(b) Prorogation/ सत्रावसान
(c) Dissolution/ विघटन
(d) Quorum/ कोरम

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S1. Ans.(b)
Sol. Within a few days after the House is adjourned sine die by the presiding officer, the President issues a notification for the prorogation of the session. However, the President can also prorogue the House while in session.

Q2. Which kind of emergency can be proclaimed on the grounds of failure of Constitutional machinery in States?
राज्यों में संवैधानिक मशीनरी की विफलता के आधार पर किस तरह के आपातकाल की घोषणा की जा सकती है?
(a) National Emergency/ राष्ट्रीय आपातकाल
(b) State Emergency/ राज्य का आपातकाल
(c) Financial Emergency/ वित्तीय आपातकाल
(d) State and Financial Emergency both/ राज्य और वित्तीय आपातकाल दोनों

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S2. Ans.(b)
Sol. A state of emergency in India refers to a period of governance under an altered constitutional setup that can be proclaimed by the President of India, when he/she perceives grave threats to the nation from internal and external sources or from financial situations of crisis.

Q3. Administrative Tribunal is related which article
प्रशासनिक अधिकरण किस अनुच्छेद से संबंधित है?
(a) Article – 356/ अनुच्छेद– 356
(b) Article – 249/ अनुच्छेद– 249
(c) Article – 339/ अनुच्छेद– 339
(d) Article- 323/ अनुच्छेद- 323

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Sol.Tribunals were added in the Constitution by Constitution (Forty-second Amendment) Act, 1976 as Part XIV-A, which has only two articles viz. 323-A and 323-B. While article 323-A deals with Administrative Tribunals; article 323-B deals with tribunals for other matters.

Q4. An earthquake of magnitude _________________ on Richter scale has thousand times more destructive energy than an earthquake of magnitude 4.
रिक्टर स्केल पर _________________ की तीव्रता के भूकंप में 4 की तीव्रता वाले भूकंप की तुलना में हजार गुना अधिक विनाशकारी ऊर्जा है।
(a) 5
(b) 7
(c) 6
(d) 8

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S4. Ans.(c)
Sol. An earthquake of magnitude 6 on Richter scale has thousand times more destructive energy than an earthquake of magnitude 4.

Q5. Which of the following is NOT an example of volcanic mountain?
निम्नलिखित में से कौन सा ज्वालामुखी पर्वत का उदाहरण नहीं है?
(a) Mount Etna/ माउंट एटना
(b) Mount Fujiyama/ माउंट फुजियामा
(c) Mount Black/ माउंट ब्लैक
(d) Mount Kilimanjaro/ माउंट किलिमंजारो

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Sol. Mount Black is a prominent mountain of Antarctica, 3,005 metres (9,860 ft) high, with a gentle snow-covered slope on its southwest side and a steep rock face on its northwest side, forming a part of the polar escarpment just west of Bennett Platform and the upper reaches of Shackleton Glacier.Itis not a volcanic mountain.

Q6. The boundaries of the plates of the earth’s crust are the weak zones known as ___________ zones.
भू-पर्पटी की प्लेटों की सीमाएं कमजोर क्षेत्र हैं जिन्हें ___________ क्षेत्र कहा जाता है।
(a) Cosmic/ ब्रह्मांडीय
(b) Seismic/ भूकंपी
(c) Formic/ फार्मिक
(d) Anaemic/ एनीमिक

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S6. Ans.(b)
Sol. A seismic zone is a region in which the rate of seismic activity remains fairly consistent.In this area plates of earth crust are weak.

Q7.Which one of the following countries is NOT a member of ASEAN?
निम्नलिखित में से कौन सा देश आसियान का सदस्य नहीं है?
(a) Brunei Darussalam/ ब्रुनेई दारुस्सलाम
(b) Cambodia / कंबोडिया
(c) Vietnam/ वियतनाम
(d) India/ भारत

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Sol. ASEAN has only 10 member countries- Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. India is not a member of ASEAN.

Q8.Which one of the following is correctly matched?
निम्नलिखित में से कौन सा सही रूप से मेल खाता है?
(a) Brahmo Samaj – Annie Basant/ ब्रह्मो समाज – एनी बेसेंट
(b) Arya Samaj – Swami Dayanand Saraswati/ आर्य समाज – स्वामी दयानंद सरस्वती
(c) Ram Krishna Mission – Keshab Chandra Sen/ राम कृष्णा मिशन – केशब चंद्र सेन
(d) Theosophical Society – Vivekananda/ थियोसोफिकल सोसायटी – विवेकानंद

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Sol. Arya Samaj is an Indian Hindu reform movement that promotes values and practices based on the belief in the infallible authority of the Vedas. The Samaj was founded by the Dayananda Saraswati on 7 April 1875. Members of the Arya Samaj believe in one God and reject the worship of idols.

Q9. At the earlier stage backward classes movement means?
पहले चरण में पिछड़े वर्गों के आंदोलन का क्या मतलब था?
(a) Santhal movement/ संथाल आंदोलन
(b) Non-Brahmin movement/ गैर-ब्राह्मण आंदोलन
(c) Harijan movement/ हरिजन आंदोलन
(d) Antirulers movement/ एंटी रूलर्स आंदोलन

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Sol. The most important backward class movement in India are Satya Shodhak Samaj, Shri Narayana Dharma Paripalana Yogam Movement, Justice Party and The Self-respect Movement. Their efforts led to the organization of several lower caste movements in southern and western India.

Q10. During the Indian freedom Struggle, who of the following founded the Prarthana Samaj?
भारतीय स्वतंत्रता संग्राम के दौरान, निम्नलिखित में से किसने प्रार्थना समाज की स्थापना की?
(a) Atmaram Pandurang / आत्माराम पांडुरंग
(b) Gopal Hari Deshmukh/ गोपाल हरि देशमुख
(c) Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar/ ईश्वर चंद्र विद्यासागर
(d) Keshab Chandra Sen/ केशब चंद्र सेन

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Sol. Prarthana Samaj, was a movement for religious and social reform in Bombay based on earlier reform movements. Prarthana Samaj was founded by Atmaram Pandurang with the help of Keshav Chandra Sen in 1867.




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