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SSC CHSL 2019 | Questions asked in the Exam : 10th July

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SSC CHSL 2019: Questions asked on 10th July

Dear Aspirants,

With SSC CHSL 2019 exam kickstarting from 1st July, the time has come when aspirants from all over India will keep an eye on the SSC CHSL 2019 exam. Aspirants appearing for this exam are trying hard to do the best they can in order to surpass the high cutoffs. Aspirants going to appear in the upcoming shifts must be waiting for the questions asked in the exam so that they can get an idea of the exam pattern.  With this post, we are providing the questions asked in the SSC CHSL 2019 exam based on the review obtained by the aspirants who appeared for the exam. This post will help the aspirants who are yet to appear for the exam. Candidates should stay calm and study accordingly.

Questions asked in the SSC CHSL Exam: 10th July

Below are the questions asked in today’s exam. We will provide the questions based on the reviews given by the students. Stay tuned for GA questions asked in all shifts of SSC CHSL exam along with other subjects.

SSC CHSL GA Questions

  • App launched by Google for children- bolo app
  • What was the reason behind the Kheda movement by Gandhiji?
  • emerging player of the year 2018
  • t20 player of the year 2018
  • One ques on the author of the book “celestial bodies” who won the booker prize
  • Normal audible frequency for humans?
  • One ques related to Harappa civilization
  • One ques from bank
  • Hindi has been declared the third official language of which country?
  • Author of the book “Every vote counts”
  • Finance minister under which article?
  • How many times has the given title been won by Ussain bolt?
  • What is the tagline of “axis bank”?
  • Author of book “Target 3 Billion”?
  • One question based on Babur. Choose the incorrect option
  • GI tag is given to oranges of which state?
  • Man booker international Prize?
  • SI unit of Temperature
  • Khajuraho Temple was built by which dynasty?
  • Man Booker Prize?
  • Abel prize?
  • One question related to CNG
  • One ques related to Pradhan mantri kisan samman nidhi yojana
  • Forms of Oath is in which schedule of the constitution?
  • one Book of bimal jalan
  • Which of the following is supreme? (CJI, CM, PM etc)
  • Anjum Moudgil related to which sport?

SSC CHSL English Questions

  • idiom- bolt from the blue
  • Idiom- Left hand compliment
  • silent- antonym
  • Complacent- antonym
  • identical- synonym
  • Immediate-synonym
  • constellation-one word substitution
  • spelling correction- bureaucracy, etc
  • Antonym- random
  • Synonym- radiance
  • Idiom: Beat around the bush
  • Idiom: pain in my neck
  • Spelling correction: necessary
  • Spelling correction: Controversy
  • Synonym: proceed

SSC CHSL Maths Questions

  • One ques on direct common tangent
  • x+ 1/x = 4 Find x^4-1/x^4= ?
  • 2 items were bought at a combined price of Rs 2000. One was sold at 12% profit and the other sold at 12% Loss. The total Loss was 1.2% Find the CP of first item.
  • In second shift, DI was bar graph on pages of books and it was difficult as per the review of students
  • Sin (A+B) – Cos(A+ B)= Value given. Find A and B

SSC CHSL Reasoning Questions

  • 1 2 6 24 120 ?
  • Mumbai: capital::yen:


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