SSC CHSL 2014 Descriptive Paper

Dear Readers,
As you know that SSC conducted the Descriptive exam for candidates appearing for CHSL 2014 for the first time on 10th May 2015, here we are posting the question paper of the same. 
There were four sections in the paper which are as follows. 

1. General Intelligence 

 2. English Language

 3. Quantitative Aptitude

 4. General Awareness

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  1. My mother (a)/ hanged (b)/ my (c)/clothes.(d)/ No error (e) [ SSC 2013]
    [a] My mother
    [b] hanged
    [c] my
    [d] clothes.
    [e] No error

  2. Replace hanged to hung. Hang have to meanings
    1. Hang means to suspend with no support from below ( v2 and v3 is \'hung\').
    2. Hang means to execute by suspending by the neck (v2 & v3 is \'hanged\') ex. Hanged the prisoner at dawn.

  3. 2.Despite of curfew(a)/ in some areas, (b)/minor communal incidents were reported(c)/ from different areas of the walled city.(d)/ No error(e). (IBPS) 2012
    [a] Despite of curfew
    [b] in some areas
    [c] minor communal incidents were reported
    [d] from different areas of the walled city
    [e] No error

  4. 3.Children visiting the (a) / park are amused (b) / by the monkeys\' (c) /play in the cages (d) / No error (e) [SSC 2013]

    [a] Children visiting the

    [b] park are amused

    [c] by the monkeys

    [d] play in the cages

    [e] No error

  5. 4.How much (a)/ horses were(b)/ there running(c)/ in the last race? (d) / No error (e) [SSC 2012 ]
    [a] How much
    [b] horses were
    [c] there running
    [d] in the last race
    [e] No error

  6. 5.This comes(a)/ at a time(b)/ when fund allocation (c)/ is been doubled (d) / No error (e) [IBPS 2012]

    [a] This comes

    [b] at a time

    [c] when fund allocation

    [d] is been doubled

    [e] No error

  7. 6.The astronemer(a)/ who predicts(b)/ the future(c)/ has arrived.(d) / No error (e) [RBI 2005]
    [a] The astronemer
    [b] who predicts
    [c] the future
    [d] has arrived
    [e] No error

  8. 'astronomer' means a scientific observer of space and 'astrologer' means a person who predicts the future.

  9. Twenty miles(a) / are a (b)/ long way(c)/ to to walk(d)/ No error(e) [FCI 2012]
    [a] Twenty miles
    [b] are a
    [c] long way
    [d] to to walk
    [e] No error

  10. The labourers (a)/ relax(b)/ between(c)/ 4.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m.(d) / No error (e) [IBPS 2012]
    [a] The labourers
    [b] relax
    [c] between
    [d] 4.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m.
    [e] No error

  11. replace 'to' by 'and' there are two structure—–
    from……… to……….,


  12. .He told(a)/ me that(b)/ it was his(c)/ friend's Shankar's house.(d)/ No error(e)[SSC MAINS 2013]
    [a] He told
    [b] me that
    [c] it was his
    [d] friend's Shankar's house.
    [e] No error

  13. Your sari (a)/is superior (b)/ than mine. (c)/ No error (d)
    [A]Your sari
    [B]is superior
    [C]than mine
    [D]No error

  14. BHEL commissions GVK’s Hydro power project in _______
    A. Uttarakhand
    B. Bihar
    C. Gujarat
    D. Karnataka

  15. Name the union Minister for Social Justice & Empowerment who inaugurated the programme “Commercial Motor Driving Training Programme with Self Defense Skills for Women” and “Credit Enhancement Guarantee Scheme for Scheduled Castes”, in New Delhi.
    A. Ram Vilas Paswan
    B. Kalraj Mishra
    C. Thaawar Chand Gehlot
    D. Najma Heptulla

  16. “Credit Enhancement Guarantee Scheme for Scheduled Castes” to be implemented by IFCI Ltd.Expand IFCI.
    A. Industrial Finance Corporation of India
    B. Industrial Financial Corporation of India
    C. Industrial Finance Council of India
    D. Industy Foundation Corporation of India

  17. “Commercial Motor Driving Training Programme with Self Defense Skills for Women” to be organized by NSKFDC. expand NSKFDC.
    A. National Safai Karamcharis Finance and Development Corporation
    B. National Safai Karamcharis Fitness and Development Corporation
    C. National Safai Karamcharis Finance and Development Committee
    D. National Safai Karamcharis Finance and Development Council

  18. India and Iran signed a MOU for developing which port in iran?
    A. Port of Sohar
    B. Port of Chabahar
    C. Port of Hajira
    D. Gwadar Port

  19. Bhai mera yahi aaya h ek formula laga diya ci ka installment ke liye

  20. Indian Army’s missile AKASH with range of 25 km is _________
    A. Surface to water Missile
    B. Air to Air Missile
    C. Surface to Air Missile
    D. Water to surface Missile

  21. Name the former Chief Secretary of Gujarat who appointed as Election Commissioner
    A. Mr Achal Kumar Jyoti
    B. Mr. Nasim Zaidi
    C. H R brahma
    D. A S kiran

  22. Rabindranath Tagore‬ 154th birth anniversary on ____
    A. May 7
    B. May 4
    C. May 2
    D. May 8

  23. Its ohkk…bs BA or 1-2 other syt padhti hu for gk or kuch khaas ne

  24. Shayar and me is from BA….from past 5-6 month we used to talk regarndg studies

  25. AB is a chord of a circle with centre O and DOC is a line segment originating from a point D on the circle and intersecting AB produced at C such that BC = OD . If ∠BCD = 20° , then find ∠AOD=???

  26. If the arcs of square length in two circles subtend angles of 60° and 75° at the centres, the ratio of their radii is??

    muje to question he smjh nhi aa rha

  27. hi can someone help me please……….ssc ka form fill karne k baad registration aur roll no dono hi saath main aa rahe hai kya…….please reply me…….please

  28. by the time i reached GK paper ..just 13 minutes left ,, could do only the 1st question !! i m amazed at the quality of question asked in this section, no questions from science.polity..hats off to who made this paper.

  29. nhi yr….roll no. abhi kaha se aa jayenge….wo bs column hai or kuch ni hai uska meaning

  30. nope….but agr apne complete paper acche se attempt kiya hai to dont worry….bs qualify krna hai ise 🙂

  31. itni tensn na liya kro yr… unki prblm hai…hmne hmara kaam acche se kiya 🙂

  32. Who told u only attempt make it clr
    2000 vacancies
    They are gona choose upper 3000~4000 and filter all others

  33. ohhh…..but paper was too easy yr….everyone can solve all the questions….it wont make any difference

  34. Can anyone tell me dat…
    is SSC CHSL descriptive was of qualifying nature or its marks will b added for final list???????

  35. ohh….but krna chahiye tha yr….mujhe kuch ni aata gk me…2 to maine hi kr diye usme/…

  36. nahhh… ye clear krna hai hme to….final selection me to jo exam hmne clear kiya hai usi ke marks add honge…kitne hai tumhare?

  37. ok…….. agar hum gk ya kisi aur part se koi bhi ek question solve na bhi kre to bhi chalega?

  38. This is not good yaar… even i am preparing for ssc… main apne site se ye question share kar students bhai log ka help karna chah raha tha… apne mera link delete kar mere site se copy paste maar liye….Chalo koi na…..

  39. Pre mein bahut cheating hue h isliye descriptive liya h ssc ne good step from ssc

  40. Students r nt fool Jo 2-3 saal se prep krte hai or result k naam pe selection unka hota hai Jo cheating krte hai …

  41. :::::Largest Producers in India like emoticon::::::::

    1. The largest producer of paddy in
    India—-West Bengal
    2. The lagest producer of wheat in
    India—Uttar Pradesh
    3. The lagest producer of sugarcane in
    India —Uttar Pradesh
    4. The lagest producer of groundnut in
    India —Gujarat
    5. The largest producer of tea in India—
    6. The largest producer of coffee in
    7. The largest producer of jute in India —
    West Bengal
    8. The largest producer of tobacco in
    India—Andhra Pradesh
    9. The largest producer of bananas in
    10. The largest producer of saffron in
    India—Jammu & Kashmir
    11. The largest producer of onion in
    12. The largest producer of black pepper
    in India—Kerala
    13. The largest producer of bamboos in
    14. The largest producer of cotton in
    (Maharashtra has the largest area under
    cotton cultivation but Gujarat is the largest
    producer as per GoI release dt 25 Jul

  42. 1. In which one of the following, antibody formations takes place?

    [B]Blood platelets
    [C]Blood Plasma
    [D]Donnan’s membrane

  43. 2. From the evolutionary point of view, which one of the following is closer to man?
    [B]Flying fish

  44. How do most insects respire?
    [A]Through skin
    [B]Through gills
    [C]By lungs
    [D]By trachea system

  45. 4. Which one of the following part of human brain is the regulating centre for swallowing and vomiting?
    [C]Medulla obligation

  46. 5. Production of which one of the following is a function of the liver?
    [D]Hydrochloric acid

  47. 6. During sleep a man’s blood pressure
    [C]Remains constant

  48. Which acid is produced when milk gets sour?
    [A]Acetic acid
    [B]Tartaric acid
    [C]Lactic acid
    [D]Butyric acid

  49. Two richest kown sources of edible protein are
    [A]Meat and eggs
    [B]Milk and vegetables
    [C]Soybean and groundnut
    [D]Some algae and other micro-organisms

  50. 10. Which nutrients are most likely to be affected by food processing and storage?

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