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SSC CGL Tier II Exam Analysis 2019 : 13th September

SSC CGL Tier-2 Exam Analysis 2018-19 | 13th September

Dear Aspirants,

Are you looking for the SSC CGL Tier-II Exam Analysis 2018-19? Then you are in the right place. SSC CGL Exam, one of the most awaited exams of the year has reached its next stage i.e. Tier II. The SSC CGL Tier I result was declared on 20th August and SSC CGL Tier-II exam 2018-19 is being held from 11th September to 14th September. Candidates qualified in Tier I are going to appear in Tier-II exam which consists of 2 major papers namely Quantitative Aptitude and English Language of 200 marks each. This post will provide you with all the details regarding SSC CGL Tier-II exam analysis. Here you will get the exact review of the exam, level of difficulty, number of good attempts and exact questions asked in Tier-II exam.

The Timings of both the papers are:

  • The Quantitative Aptitude paper is held in the morning shift from 10 AM-12 PM
  • English Language Paper is held in the evening shift from 3 PM-5 PM.

SSC CGL Tier-2 Exam Analysis: Good Attempts

How many questions did you attempt in today’s exam? Let us know in the comment section below. Also, as per the review of many candidates, we have provided good attempts for SSC CGL Tier-II 2018-19 exam. Check out the table below:

Section No. of Questions Total marks Level of exam Good Attempts
English Language 200 200 easy 183-188
Quantitative Aptitude 100 200 Moderate 62-68
Total 300 400


SSC CGL Tier-2 Exam Analysis: English Language

The English Language section is all about your reading skills and ability to attempt 200 questions in 2 hours. As per many candidates, the overall level of English Language section was easy. The points noted from today’s English language section are:

  • Many questions were asked from the basic grammar rules.
  • Idioms & Phrases were asked from various sources.
  • Synonym and antonym are low scoring topics as only 5-6 questions are asked.
S.No Topic No of questions Level of questions
1 Spot the error 20 Easy-Moderate
2 Fill In The Blanks 10 Easy
3 Synonyms 3-4 Easy
4 Antonyms 2-3 Easy
5 Spelling/detecting misspelt words 4-5 Easy
6 Idioms & Phrases 10 Easy
7 One word substitution 12 Easy
8 Improvement of sentences 20 Easy-Moderate
9 Active/Passive voice of verbs 20 Easy
10 Conversion into Direct /indirect narration 22-24 Easy
11 Jumbled Paragraph / Sentence Rearrangement 20 Easy
12 Cloze passage 25 Easy
13 Comprehension Passage 30 Moderate
Total 200 Easy

SSC CGL Tier-2 Exam Analysis: Quantitative Abilities 

The Quantitative section in the SSC CGL Tier-II Exam consists of Arithmetic and advanced maths. As per the reviews of many aspirants, the exam was seen to be of easy to moderate level. The topic-wise distribution of questions asked in the exam is given in the below table. Some points to be noted from today’s exam are:

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  • Mensuration questions were time-consuming.
  • The Arithmetic part was difficult as compared to last year
  • DI [Pie chart, Histogram & Bar Graph]
  • The radius of Height & radius of cone was given and CSA was given. Then find the volume of cone?
  • 1 bar graph (production-demand)
  • A number was given with 2 digits(x and y) missing, if digit number is divisible by 72.then find the possible value of X & Y.
  • In a hollow hemisphere, inner radius & thickness was given, then find its TSA?
  • 5 root 5 x^3 + 2 root 2 y^3 = [ax + 2y] [bx^2 + 2y^2 + cx^y], find a^2+b^2-c^2=?
  • In a triangle PQR, S is the incentre and value of angle PSR=125 degree then find angle P?
  • Cylinder radius increased by 12%. Find the % decrease in height.
S.No Topic Number of questions Level of Exam
1 Number System/HCF/LCM 7-9 Easy
2 Percentage 3-4 Easy
3 Average 4-5 Easy
4 Time & Work, Pipe & Cistern 5 Easy
5 Profit & Loss, Discount 8-9 Easy
6 Mixture & Alligation 4-5 Easy
7 Time Speed Distance, Boat & Stream Trains 3-4 Easy
8 Interest (CI & SI) 5 Easy
9 Geometry 10-15 Easy-Moderate
10 Mensuration 10-12 Moderate
11 Trigonometry, Height & Distance 10-12 Easy-Moderate
12 DI [3] 10 Easy-Moderate
13 Algebra 9-10 Easy-Moderate
14 Partnership 2-3 Easy
15 Simplification 2-3 Easy
16 Coordinate Geometry 2-3 Easy
17 Misc. 2-3 Easy
Total Questions 100 Easy-Moderate


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