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Hello Readers,
We are Providing the cut off marks of SSC CGL Tier -I  that took place in 2013 and 2014. it will be
helpful in  preparation and  planning for this year SSC CGL tier – I Exam  2015 as the toughness will be on the same
level so you have to  try to score more
than these cut off. to see yourself through to the first level.

SSC CGL Tier- I Exam 2014  – Cut Off  Marks
 SSC CGL Tier- I RE- Exam 2013  – Cut Off  Marks

All the Best !

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  1. What is the expected cut off for tier 2 for non interview post of ex-servicemen

  2. मैडम 2014 के टियर 2 की expected cutoff कितनी रहैगी ex-servicemen के लिए non interview post

  3. Mam i have studied BUSINESS STATISTICS as a subject(only one year) in graduation…am i eligible to apply for STATISTICAL INVESTIGATOR post?

  4. Yes,,bt I will prepare for FCI ..u know expected date or month of FCI xam??

  5. Ohk..thanx…Manish c u on Monday …I have to study now….byee

  6. i have applied for accountant and i did nt see any one who applied for the same here in ba or sa…so search is going on……….

  7. Oh…yes …maine bhi pehli baar suna k kisi ne accountant post fill ki

  8. mera preparation strategy nahi ban pa rahi hai i study but at the end of the day no output

  9. Oh,,yes it happened …koe ne I will help u out for this…If u don't mind kya Monday ko is kru…I have xam.tmrw

  10. Mere known me sbne depot ya general.fill kiya hai…nobody filled accounts

  11. Sir what happen if we fail to qualify physical standard for the post of inspector

  12. somebody help me for filling the preference of the post in the cgl -15 app. online form…

  13. in which state of india have Asia's largest engineering college …….. &name of the college……

  14. Hey frnd help me yr my age is 18-10-1988 nd I m nt able to fill the form due to the problm of age any idea I m eligible or nt ….

  15. Mam why ssc adda been in silence in nights…no one didnt want to be here on SA on nights?..but in BA lots of quizzs are happenig by students..but here no one is interested..why the people dont want to make it good as BA..if lots of quizz also happening here on SA it also becomes full busy in nights..but no one is interested..dont know why..people dont like ssc jobs?

  16. Guys try now for "Part II" registration. Their was a problem till 5 P.M. I think due to SSC CPO registration 😛 Its working now 🙂

  17. Mam why ssc adda been in silence in nights…no one didnt want to be here on SA on nights?..but in BA lots of quizzs are happenig by students..but here no one is interested..why the people dont want to make it good as BA..if lots of quizz also happening here on SA it also becomes full busy in nights..but no one is interested..dont know why..people dont like ssc jobs?

  18. You are eligible!
    If not able to apply,then clik to relaxtion in age,if you are belong to sc,st or obc!

  19. Dear I belong from ur category yr and I have try 2 3 times to fill the form bt there showing same problm issue for age if u have any mail id or helpline no. Plzz send me yr……..I ll realy thnkful to u….

  20. Hi All, Need One help My age is 28 so basically Applicable for 3 posts only out of all given .. I can apply or not

  21. Am not new here dude..I would like to say that if here also lots of quizz are happening by us as like that ofBA would be much more also preprng for ssc exams dude..Thats why Iam making this suggestion..if students carry out their own quizz as like BA we get a wide range of resources..thats why am telling..but nobody among us didnt start quizz on a daily basis..if it happns its benefits are also for us..

  22. In which of the following states wheat is not produced?1.Maharashtra 2.karnataka 3.tamil nadu4.west bengal

  23. which of the following city is situated in the farthest east?1.lucknow 2.jablapur 3.hyderabad 4.chennai

  24. Where from u are preparing history and polity.l mean any book or site.can u pls suggest me

  25. Thats why dud I make a comment one is interested..plz check sad.

  26. in b.a only current affairs quize mking by us,,,,copy & paste process,,,but in s.a g.k section is not easy to making quize,,,i agree with u,,we will Try to starting quizes daily in comments section,

  27. actually last year i am prapared my decision changed .preparing ssc exams.

  28. Dud do practice tests u already preprd for maths try to focus on trignmtry geomtry kiran publicatn books

  29. Bro dont think like dat,,,today sunday,,,no quizes in s.a,,,Dats y people r not visited this site,,,finelly in s.a lot of aspirents r silent readers,,,

  30. the most important uranium mine of india is located at?1.vashi 2.jaduguda 3.manavalakurichi.4.gauribidanur

  31. harry my suggestion is u concentrate reasoning,maths, tier 2 gk not there.

  32. Yaa dud I kow ..but gk plays an important role for scoring high marks in tier 1..thats why I little bit bothered..

  33. Bro i think u know,,,Bank or Insurance exams r conducting on every sunday,,,,in b.a mam post shate our exam experience,,,and currect affairs questions posts,,,people r participating in dat postes,,,share their experience,,,

  34. Thats I know dud..yesterday I just start a quizz here on SA on night but no one even didnt notice that.. u can imagine how it feels ..if there is a participation .u can imagine how beautiful here also on SA

  35. i belong to pure life science . can anyone give me the shortcut notes for trigonometry and geometry plz ???

  36. Iam also from Science student,,,but Learn basics in trigonometry,geometry,,practice number of questions,,,now these topics r easy to me,,,u Learn basics 1st,,,,,,i am sure u will be score good in 2 topics,,all d best

  37. Aakash
    6 minutes ago
    Statistical investigator ke baare main doubt hai…. Maine b com kara hua hai and statistics sirf maine 3 rd year main hee padha hua hai…. Kya main eligible hu iss post ke liye yaa nahi

  38. hi this is kavi and my date of birth is 15.02.1986 while I applied for Tier I exam I received the msg that I am eligible due age criteria … I belong to OBC … ( I applied only age upto 27 for obc 30 yrs and not to 25) wat to do???

  39. hi this is meena and my date of birth is 15.02.1986 while I applied for Tier I exam I received the msg that I am not eligible due to age criteria … I belong to OBC … ( I applied only age upto 27 for obc 30 yrs and not to 25) wat to do???

  40. Given that √4096 = 64, the value of √4096 + √40.96 +√0.004096 is-

    a. 70.4
    b. 70.464
    c. 71.104
    d. 71.4

  41. If A = x% of y and B = y% of x, then which of the following is true?A. None of theseB. A is smaller than B.C. Relationship between A and B cannot be determined.D. If x is smaller than y, then A is greater than B.E. A is greater than B.

  42. 1. Suddenly Rani heard the sound of water trickling.
    A. dripping
    B. crawling
    C. gushing
    D. pouring

  43. hello sir …my dob is 17/10/1988 , less than 27 on 1 August ..still it is saying as per age criteria u are not eligible .. so please help me out of this problem ..

  44. FCI Cut off marks 2012 – List I : To appear in Paper-II for AG.III (Post codes A, B and D) SCSTOBCEx. SOH HHVHGeneral TotalVacancies54219775046340332517252990Cut off marks8178.588.756072.5505099.5 Candidates available13759458929273522117563438182047176230

  45. Hi please help me i am 28 year old General cat student want to apply only for CBI and Enforcement Officer but after submitting Part I it said That form can not be submitted because i am over age. please help me someone

  46. my dob is 4-8-89.. bt after fillng the ssc online application it showing u r not eligible due to age criteria.. whats this.. as per notification those who born after 2-8 88 are eligible .. what should i do now..

  47. koi hai.. kya natak hai ssc ke.. :(.. my dob 20/4/90.. aur keh raha i m not eligible..!!

  48. website problem…bahuto ke saath ho rha hai ye…fill form after 2-3 days..shayad tab tak theek ho jaaye

  49. kisi ne cgl 15 ka form bhara online? m 25 yrs 6 months yrs of age ,aur part 1 registration complete nhi ho rhi…last me msg likha aata ,as per age criteria ,you are not eligible..processing stopped

  50. West godavari,,,,tadepalli gudem,,,clz parla bagane vund,,,but Ammaelu Matram super bro

  51. Hello Team/Friends
    Kindly guide me to fill the form, as i have already attained the age of 27 years and (being in general category) i can not apply for most of the posts except for Assistant enforcement officer in Dept of Revenue, Sub Inspector in CBI and Sub Inspector in NIA. For all these three posts the age limit is 30, now, i just dont know how to fill the form with just these three posts, coz we have to fill our priority wise for all posts, in which i am not eligible in remaining all except these three.

    So, pls help me in filling the form, as how i can fill form with just three posts i am eligible for.

  52. When 4G mobile internet access arrives, what will become of my 3G smartphone?

  53. accoding to which article center can't make financial emergency in the state of J&k………..

  54. can anyone tell me,when eastern region candidates will b able 2 download admit card 4 SSC CHSL…pls help me out!!!

  55. The first electric train ran between Bombay's Victoria Terminus and Kurla along the Harbour Line of CR, on February 3, 1925, a distance of 9.5 miles.

  56. last que……….first cast basic constituency in india ….& when .Good Nght all…………

  57. my date of birth is 28-10-1995 and i am also eligible for ssc cgl exam but when i fill the exam its show the age problem and my age is 19 year
    please give me suggesion to fill up the form

  58. Dear friends any one having info whether the descriptive paper in chsl exam has individual sectional cutoff or overall. Kindly have some update in this matter.

  59. My age is 26/12/1988 and general category and in application its showing 26 years 6 months but my application is not completing showing " As per age criteria you are not eligible"
    let me know why it is showing this…..please!!

  60. the maximum area under crops in india is used for the cultivation of?1.wheat 2.rice 3.sugarcane4.cotton

  61. the variety of coffee largely grown in india is?1.old chicks2.coorgs3.arabica4.kents

  62. Bored to death
    Meaning/Usage: Very bored

    Explanation: Death is the worst thing, so using it to compare how you feel is telling someone that you are very bored.

    "I have nothing to do. I'm bored to death."
    "I hate it when I'm bored to death."
    "Would you rather be super busy or bored to death?"

    A: "Hey Seth, what are you doing?"
    B: "I'm reading a book. What are you doing?"
    A: "I'm bored to death. Let's do something."
    B: "Sure. Come over and we can play some games."

  63. Feel blueMeaning/Usage: Feel sad

    Explanation: Long time ago, blue was related to the rain. Whenever the fictional god Zeus was sad, he would make it rain (crying).

    "What a gloomy day. It makes me feel blue."
    "Whenever I feel blue, I like to listen to upbeat music."
    "Matt's feeling a little blue right now. Let's go cheer him up."

    A: "Where is Matt these days? I haven't seen him in a while."
    B: "He feels a little blue because he can't find a girlfriend."
    A: "Let's go cheer him up."

  64. Throw in the towel
    Meaning/Usage: Give up; quit; surrender

    Explanation: When a boxer was getting beaten so badly, the coach or manager would throw a towel in to stop the fight. This phrase can be used outside of boxing to simply express quitting.

    "I was ready to throw in the towel, but I stayed with it."
    "He's not a quitter, so he's not going to throw in the towel."
    "I saw a fight last almost two hours before one guy threw in the towel."

    A: "The boxing match is great."
    B: "One guy is really getting beat up."
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    B: "He's not going to throw in the towel, they rarely do that these days."

  65. I mean u said that secx+tanx = 2x by reverse order..but that 2x from where that I ask dud

  66. Dear Readers,

    Since many of you are facing problem in filling SSC CGL
    2015 Application form regarding your
    age. We would like you all to wait for
    some time as we think there is some technical problem going on with SSC's official site. We hope that they will solve this problem soon..

  67. kumar ssc apli.form lo permenant address correct.temporary correct adhar card anni permenant address ne unnai.

  68. One of my friend fill some wrong details in part1 registration and part 2 registration not done yet is there any procedure to correct this details pls give me information

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