SSC CGL Tier-2 Exam Analysis 2020: English & Quant Exam Analysis

SSC CGL Tier-2 Exam Analysis: The staff selection commission has conducted the SSC CGL Tier-2 examination. This exam consisted of English language and quantitative aptitude with 200 marks allotted to each subject. Right after the exam, the candidates must be looking for the exam analysis in order to get an overview of the exam that they gave and to analyze their own performance. In this article, we will be discussing the Exam Analysis of SSC CGL Tier-2.

SSC CGL Tier-2 Exam analysis

Let’s have a look at the section-wise exam analysis for SSC CGL Tier-2 in detail and the types of questions that were asked this  year
SSC CGL Cut Off Comparison with Previous Years

English language

The overall level of the English language section was easy to moderate and his candidates with strong concepts and clear basics were able to attempt a majority of these questions. let us look at the types of questions that appeared in the examination.

  • The reading comprehension had basic questions that were asked from the passage and was of a generally easy level.
  • Many questions were asked from the basic grammar rules.
  • Questions from idioms and phrases were also asked in the examination.
  • Around 5 to 6 questions based on the topics of synonym and antonym were also asked.

Questions asked in SSC CGL Tier 2 Exam:-

Direct Indirect :-

  • “Are You alone,my son?” asked a soft voice close behind me.
  • ” if you don’t keep quite i shall shoot you”, he said to her in a calm voice.
  • He said to his father ” Please increase my pocket money”.
  • “What did you east for breakfast today?” The doctor Asked the patient
  • ” I am taking my children to the zoo tomorrow” she said ” to see the baby white tiger”.
  • She asked, ” Is the secretary coming to the meeting?’

One Word : –

  • A study of sounds is known as
  • A style in which a writer makes display of his knowledge
  • Emission of light or heat from a central point.
  • Proposition made as a basis for reasoning without the assumption of its truth/Facts
  • A four-wheeled carriage for a baby , pushed by a person on foot

Sentence Improvement: –

The Headmaster with all his senior teachers have come to attend the meeting.
The teacher said that the building adjacent with his house needed repairs.
Air polution,together with littering,are causing many problems in our cities.

Idioms : –

  • To pull ones’s socks up.
  • To give chapter and verse for a thing.
  • Getting into a row.
  • Utopian Idea.
  • Fit of the blues.

Spelling Mistake:-

  • Monastry
  • Senesent

Let us look at the breakage of all the 200 questions that appeared in the examination that was collected by our experts from the students who appeared for the examination. Below is a table consisting of the breakage of all the topics and questions that appeared in the examination:

S.No Topic No. Of Questions Level of difficulty
1 Spot the error 20  Moderate
2 Fill In The Blanks 11 Easy
3 Synonyms 3 Easy
4 Antonyms 3 Easy
5 Spelling/detecting misspelled words 4 Easy
6 Idioms & Phrases 10 Easy
7 One word substitution 12 Easy
8 Improvement of sentences 22 Moderate
9 Active/Passive voice of verbs 20 Moderate
10 Conversion into Direct/ Indirect narration 25 Moderate
11 Jumbled Paragraph / Sentence Rearrangement 20 Easy-moderate
12 Cloze passage 25 Moderate
13 Comprehension Passage 25 Easy-moderate
Total 100 Easy-moderate

Quantitative abilities [Moderate]

This section in this year’s exam consisted of arithmetic and advanced maths. As per the reviews of the aspirants who appeared for this examination this section was seen to be of easy to moderate level. Let’s have a look at the topic Wise distribution of questions that were asked in the table given below.

S.No. Topics Number Of Questions Level of difficulty
1 Number System/HCF/LCM 7 Easy
2 Percentage, Average 10 Easy
3 Time & Work , Pipe & Cistern 6 Easy-moderate
4 Profit & Loss , Discount 10 Easy
5 Ratio, Mixture & Alligation 6 Easy
6 Time Speed Distance , Boat & Stream Trains 4 Easy-moderate
7 Interest (CI & SI) 4 moderate
8 Geometry 18 moderate
9 Mensuration 11 Easy
10 Trigonometry, Height & Distance 6-7 moderate
11 DI 5 moderate
12 Algebra 7 Easy-moderate
13 Surds & Indices , Simplification 2 easy
14 Misc. 4-5 moderate
  Total 100 Questions Moderate

Let us look at some questions that were collected by our experts from the students who appeared for the examination.

Q. If from 9 , 11,15 & 21, x is subtracted then the resultant numbers are in same proportion, then find the mean proportion of (3x-2) & (8x+1)
Q. A tank can be filled by A in 43.2 minutes and b can fill it in 108 minutes and C empties 3 liters/minute.If all three can fill it in 54 minutes then find the capacity of the tank?
Q. If 525ABC is divisible by 7 , 11 & 13 ,then Find 15A^2+B^2+C?
Q. A money is distributed among A B C in ration 3 : 4 : 5 , but by mistake it is distributed in the ratio of 1/3:1/4:1/5. Because of this a got 1188 Rs more find the total money?
Q. If a+b+c= 6 and a^3+ b^3+c^3 -3abc = 372 find ab+bc+ca=?

SSC CGL Tier-2 Previous Year Exam Analysis


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