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SSC CGL Tier 2 English Previous Years Questions Quiz: 13 July

SSC CGL 2018-19 Tier 2 is to be conducted from 11 to 13 September 2019. With 200 questions for 200 marks, English Language Section plays a vital role in the final selection of a candidate.  SSC CGL Tier 2 English quizzes being provided daily on SSCADDA are in the interest of candidates qualifying for SSC CGL Tier 2 and question quality is solely based on the expected experimentation of English Question paper for CGL Mains. 

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Direction (1-5): A sentence has been given in Active/Passive Voice. Out of the four given alternatives, select the one which best expresses the same sentence in Passive/Active Voice.

Q1. She presented me a bouquet on my 27th birthday.

(a) A bouquet is presented to me on my 27th birthday by her.

(b) I was presented on my 27th birthday a bouquet by her.

(c) I was presented a bouquet on my 27th birthday by her.

(d) I will be presented a bouquet on my 27th birthday by her.

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S1. Ans.(c)

Q2. This surface feels smooth.
(a) This surface is felt smooth.
(b) This surface when feels is smooth.
(c) This surface when felt is smooth.
(d) This surface is smooth as felt.

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S2. Ans.(c)

Q3. I promised my husband that I will cook food for him.

(a) A promise was made by me to my husband that food will be cooked by me.

(b) Food will be cooked by me was a promise I made to my husband.

(c) I promised my husband that food will be cooked by me.

(d) My husband wanted a promise from me that I will cook the food.

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S3. Ans.(c)

Q4. Has somebody broken the gate?

(a) Have the gate been broken?

(b) Had the gate been broken by somebody?

(c) Has the gate been broken by somebody?

(d) Has been the gate broken?

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S4. Ans.(c)

Q5. The girls are making a noise.

(a) A noise is made by the girls.

(b) A noise is being made by the girls.

(c) The girls should be making a notice.

(d) A noise has been made by the girls.

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S5. Ans.(b)

Direction: In the following question, some part of the sentence may have errors. Find out which part of the sentence has an error and select the appropriate option. If a sentence is free from error, select ‘No Error’.

Q6. We are committed in providing (A)/ you a safe and (B)/ comfortable travel experience. (C)/ No Error (D)
(a) A
(b) B
(c) C
(d) D

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S6. Ans.(a)
Sol. Replace ‘in’ with ‘to’.
‘Committed to V1+ing’ is the correct usage.

Direction (7-8): n the following question, out of the four given alternatives, select the one which is opposite in meaning of the given word.

Q7. Rage

(a) Heat

(b) Happiness

(c) Temper

(d) Wrath

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S7. Ans.(b)
Sol. Rage: violent uncontrollable anger.
Hence option B is the correct antonym.

Q8. Optimize

(a) Enhance

(b) Perfect

(c) Worsen

(d) Improve

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S8. Ans.(c)
Sol. Optimize: make the best or most effective use of (a situation or resource).
Hence option C is the correct antonym.

Direction (9-10): In the following questions, out of the four given alternatives, select the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the Idiom/Phrase.

Q9. Chicken out

(a) To refuse to do something due to fear

(b) To influence

(c) To seek all enjoyments of life

(d) To obtain fame by hard work

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S9. Ans.(a)

Q10. Donkey’s years

(a) At different timings

(b) A long time

(c) Short duration

(d) Wasting time

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S10. Ans.(b)


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