SSC CGL Tier 2 English Idioms and Phrases Quiz: 17 August

SSC CGL 2018-19 Tier 2 is to be conducted from 11 to 13 September 2019. With 200 questions for 200 marks, English Language Section plays a vital role in the final selection of a candidate.  SSC CGL Tier 2 English quizzes being provided daily on SSCADDA are in the interest of candidates qualifying for SSC CGL Tier 2 and question quality is solely based on the expected experimentation of English Question paper for CGL Mains. 

Direction (1-10): In the following questions, out of the four alternatives select the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the idiom/phrase.

Q1. Make a dry face
(a) show no emotion
(b) show disappointment
(c) show enthusiasm
(d) show pity
S1. Ans.(b)

Q2. On pins and needles
(a) to go penniless
(b) to be responsible about something
(c) to crave for basic amenities
(d) to be worried about something
S2. Ans.(d)

Q3. Put one’s foot in one’s mouth
(a) to have an interest in something
(b) succeed in doing something where there was a risk of failure
(c) to unintentionally say something foolish, tactless, or offensive
(d) to work every possible way to succeed.
S3. Ans.(c)

Q4. For a song
(a) false sense of happiness or success
(b) being clumsy
(c) very expensive
(d) very cheaply
S4. Ans.(d)

Q5. In cahoots with
(a) to support someone weak
(b) in a partnership usually for a dishonest reason
(c) back to something that you don’t want to do
(d) something that turns out to be good which earlier appeared to be wrong
S5. Ans.(b)

Q6. Bow and scrape
(a) to stop yourself from saying something because it would be better not to
(b) a type of situation where you must choose between two equally unpleasant situations
(c) to try to do something that is hopeless
(d) try too hard to please someone in a position of authority
S6. Ans.(d)

Q7. Sitting duck
(a) a person or thing with no protection against an attack
(b) to own a major share in a business partnership
(c) completely alone
(d) reveal the secret
S7. Ans.(a)

Q8. Song and dance
(a) to have an interest in music and dance
(b) a fuss or commotion
(c) to be excited
(d) to treat someone with all due respect
S8. Ans.(b)

Q9. Snake in the shoes
(a) to be in a state of fear
(b) to expose a secret
(c) to deal with bravery
(d) a pleasant surprise
S9. Ans.(a)

Q10. Stand by one’s guns
(a) to go fast, hurry
(b) a hidden army
(c) to remain determined in one’s opinion
(d) to make an excuse
S10. Ans.(c)