SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam: Check Questions Asked In Today’s Exam

SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam: SSC CGL Tier 1 exam has commenced from 3rd March 2020 giving a golden opportunity to aspirants all over the country awaiting the job of their dreams. Every student is eager after the exam to know the questions that were asked from various sections in the exam. Knowing the questions that were asked in the previous shifts will give a fair idea of the exam pattern and candidates can prepare accordingly. SSCAdda has always believed in helping aspirants in the best way possible. Here, we are providing you with the questions asked in today’s shift of the SSC CGL Tier 1 exam and you can also check SSC CGL Exam Analysis here.

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The SSC CGL Tier 1 exam consists of 4 sections namely: English Language, Quantitative Aptitude, General Awareness and General Intelligence & Reasoning. Each section contains 25 questions of 2 marks each and candidates are given 1 hour to attempt all the 100 questions.

SSC CGL Exam Questions: General Awareness

SSC CGL Exam Questions: General Awareness asked on 6th March

  • CR Formula was given by whom?
  • Mehrunisa is the wife of?
  • Which of the following is ths Primary sex organ in female?
  • Who is the Powerful women in media awarded by American?
  • Who wins gold at junior Wrestling World Championship?
  • Which article is related to Amendment in the constitution
  • Battle of Chausa is fought between?
  • Archana Kamath is related to which game
  • Who is the CEO of Flipkart?
  • When was NABARD established?
  • C K Naidu award is related to which field?
  • Which state share boundary with Bhutan
  • one question related to the British crown
  • one question related to river
  • one question related to Ozone layer
  • one question related to Chouth tax
  • Mou for all India radio with which country

SSC CGL Exam Questions: General Awareness asked on 5th March

  • One question related to place built by Sawai Jai Singh?
  • Gandhi ji started the Quit India movement from which place?
  • One ques related to Tamil Nadu temple. When was it built?
  • One question related to Avogadro’s law
  • Which Award Bumrah got in 2019?
  • 5 Rath in Mahabalipuram was built by which Vansh?
  • One question from Odissa Yatra.
  • One question asked from dispersion
  • Which city is known as Golden City
  • One question from Article 33A
  • Who is the Governer Jammu Kashmir?
  • If 2 or more than 2 element mix together, then what will form?
  • Alai Darwaza built by whom?
  • One question related to Hyderabad Fund.
  • Where is BCCI headquarter located?
  • Which vitammin defieciency cause Aneamia?
  • 3 questions were asked from economics.

SSC CGL Exam Questions: General Awareness asked on 4th March

  • Harshacharita book written by?
  • Magadh capital before 425 BC
  • Capital of Magadha after 425 BC
  • 4-5 questions were asked from medieval history
  • The reason for the increase in the height of the Eifel tower is? Options- thermal expansion, chemical expansion, gravity
  • Xerophthalmia occurs due to deficiency of which vitamin?
  • One question related to Article 17?
  • One question related to Article 14?
  • One question related to Indus River.
  • One question related to abolition
  • 2 Current Affair question asked from Dec 2019, April 2019
  • One question asked from economics.
  • Which player has taken 2 hatric in ODI?
  • Where is RBC formed? – Bone marrow
  • Chikankari embroidery famous from which place?
  • 1st Governor of MP?
  • Who is the current Economic advisor?
  • Where did the meeting of Island Development hold?
  • Karmayoddha Granth, the book was launched by??
  • Jawara dance belongs to which state?
  • Which city is known as Athens of the east?
  • Ohm’s law scientist belongs to which country?
  • Sucheta Kriplani is the CM of which state?
  • What is the chemical name of Methane?
  • Who is known as Napoleon of India?
  • Novak Djokovic is from which country?
  • One question asked from the plant kingdom
  • Tennis legend who has a coin minted in his honour
  • J & K dance
  • Question asked on Mughal dynasty
  • Shahjahan, Jahangir, Humayun, Akbar sequence was asked in options
  • One question related to the Raman Effect.
  • Vijaynagar is located near which river?
  • Who won Nobel prize in chemistry for 2 times?
  • Kabuli Dance of which country?
  • Filmfare award for best actor?

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SSC CGL Exam Questions: General Awareness asked on 3rd March

  • Who is the president of Srilanka?
  • One question related to Chhattisgarh CM?
  • Who got Padma Shree award in Archery?
  • Questions were asked from ancient history.
  • Thomas British Emperor came in the reign of which Mughal emperor?
  • Which of the following book was not written by Salman Rushdie?
  • Who got Sahitya Akademi Awards in 2019?
  • Which player played double century in continuously 4 test Match?
  • Hampi is located in which of the Indian State?
  • Repo Rate is given by?
  • Who is the author of “An Era of Darkness”?
  • Lead Role Actress in movie Mission Mangal?
  • Who discovered Neutron?
  • Savitri Bai Phule belongs to which state?
  • Dadasaheb Phalke award 2019 received by whom?
  • Madhavpur festival is celebrated in which state?
  • Global Investors meet, Ascend 2020 held in
  • Which of the following was known as Lady Willingdon park
  • Wings India 2020 to be held at which airport
  • Brand finance nation ranking 2019
  • Last ruler of Nanda dynasty
  • Amit shah released a book recently based on the biography of whom
  • Ajatshatru is the son of?
  • Vinegar has which acid
  • Which gland is present between lungs
  • Which of the following district of Karnataka has the given wildlife sanctuary
  • Industry 4.0 launched with the help of which institute- (options-> IITs)
  • Who was the most recognised ruler of Magadh Empire?
  • Who became the PM of Bhutan in November 2019?
  • Gupta Dynasty implied which tax on harvest?
  • Which of the following helps in maintaining equal pressure on our ear?
  • One question on the capitalistic economy.
  • Which Indian is conferred with First International Shooting Federation Blue Cross Award?

SSC CGL Exam Questions: English Language

SSC CGL Exam Questions: English Language Asked on 6th March

  • Idiom-> See eye to eye, Pull a fast one
  • Antonym-> Haste
  • Synonym-> Subtle, Disheartened, Fickle
  • Close test based on Taj Mahal marble
  • Narration- Manoj said to Rita “don’t play outside”
  • Spelling correction -> omission
  • One word substitution-> group of ship
  • Idiom-> by and by
  • Topic of Cloze Test-> hercules atlas
  • Spelling Correction-> Alien

SSC CGL Exam Questions: English Language Asked on 5th March

  • Synonym-> retain/Sustain, divide
  • Antonym-> Expensive
  • One word- One who doesn’t pay his debt
  • Spelling of cricketer
  • Topic of Cloze Test related to Army Convoy
  • Error Detection- My brother who lives in Delhi has written a letter.
  • Antonym/Synonym-> Erudite, Bizarre
  • Idioms-> dead horse,
  • Topic Of Cloze Test-> Drugs

SSC CGL Exam Questions: English Language Asked on 4th March

  • Topic of Cloze test-> Based on religion
  • Synonym-> Prevent, Protect
  • Idiom-> Back to square one
  • arbitrary synonym
  • Synonym- prodigy, Acknowledgement
  • Idiom- through a fit
  • Idiom = the bee’s knees idiom
  • Spelling = encouragement
  • Cloze test on discipline manners in life
  • Antonym-> Obsolete
  • One word-> who manages the operation of loading or unloading a ship
  • Enmity, Solitary- Synonym
  • Hold water- Idiom

SSC CGL Exam Questions: English Language Asked on 3rd March

  • Spelling Error-> Humiliation
  • Spelling Error-> Practical
  • Idioms & phrase-> A hard nut to crack
  • Idioms & phrase-> Take a french Leave
  • Idioms & phrase-> Snake in the grass
  • Cloze Test Topic-> Moral Values
  • Antonym-> Exodus, Obligatory
  • Synonyms-> will be updated
  • Antonym->Hilarious
  • Antonym-> Vicious
  • Objects that shine in the night in sky are known as
  • Synonym-> Implode
  • Antonym-> Vigilant
  • Idioms & Phrases-> blow one’s own trumpet
  • Topic of cloze test-> will be updated
  • Spelling error – partner & negotiation
  • Idiom – Spill the beans

SSC CGL Exam Questions: Quantitative Aptitude

SSC CGL Exam Questions: Quantitative Aptitude Asked on 6th March

  • a+b+c=9 ,ab=-22. find a^3+b^3+c^3-3abc
  • Area of an equilateral triangle is 36root3 then find perimeter of the same
  • Given 2A=5B=7C and total amount of 1180 is divided among them. Then find the share of A?
  • Area of a circle is 0.64 pie m2. In how many rotation the circle cover the distance of 1.948 km2
  • Given 3a= 27b = 81c and abc is 144 then find 2{(1/a)+(1/5b)+(1/10c)}
  • A distance of 1.95 km covered by the speed of 4km/hr. If time is decreased by 25% then find percentage increase in speed to cover the distance on time
  • X+1/x =2 , find x3+1/x3
  • find the value of (sin 30.sin 60)/(cos60.cos30) – tan45

SSC CGL Exam Questions: Quantitative Aptitude Asked on 5th March

  • Q. h^4+y^4 + x^2y^2 =273
  • Q. x^2-xy+y^2= 13, then find the value of xy?
  • Q. If radius is increase by 10%, height decrease by 20%, then volume will be?
  • Q. 5sinQ-12cosQ= 0, Then find (1+sinQ+cosQ)/(1-sinQ+cosQ)?
  • Q. 20x^2-30x+1=0, then find 25x^2+(16x^2)^-1
  • Q. If CP is increase by 25%, then x% discount provided by shopkeeper. Find loss?

SSC CGL Exam Questions: Quantitative Aptitude Asked on 4th March

  • 30×2 -15x +1 =0. Find 25×2 + x2/36
  • Find the value sec6x -tan6x +3sec2x.tan2x
  • Question asked on Quadratic Equations
  • 2 numbers with divisibility from 11 and 72 were given. 5x-6y value?
  • Question asked in the triangle -Exterior angle bisector
  • DI was tabular on 4 companies production of motorcycle
  • (Ax²+y²+Bz)² = 4x² + y² + 8z² + 2 (2xy + 2 root 2 yz + 4 root 2 xz). Find A² + B² – AB
  • The number between 200 and 800. Which are neither divisible by 5 nor 7

SSC CGL Exam Questions: Quantitative Aptitude Asked on 3rd March

  • IF Area of triangle ABC = 44 , Find the area of triangle BDE?
  • If the breadth of a rectangle is increased by 40% and length is increased by some %, Then find the percentage change in the area of the rectangle?
  • If x^2a = y^2b=z^2c , then x²/y² =?
  • There are 640 students, number of boys = 400, the number of girls =240. If 30 Girls added then how many boys should be added to make the ratio of boy to girl 14:9?
  • If A = 4 sin a , B = 5 cos b , Then Find A^2 + B^2
  • x²+3x+1=7 find x^6+1/x^6
  • The average of 4 numbers is 3 times the 5th number. Average of 5 numbers were given. Find 5th number
  • 2sin@+ 15cos2@=7 , find tan@+cos@+sec@=?
  • DI based on 4 companies and their data from 2014-2019
  • Average of 5 consecutive even number is m. If next 5 consecutive even numbers is added. Then find its average?
  • Find the value of tan60+cosec60=?
  • In a triangle ABC, AB=AC, Angle A=40. Then find the value of B?
  • In a race A runs at 100m/min, B runs at 120m/min. B looses to A by 10 min, then find the total distance?
  • A can complete a work in 20 days, B can do it in 25 days. They both work for 5 days, then B left. In how will days A will complete the remaining work?
  • Each question has separate DI.

SSC CGL Exam Questions: General Intelligence & Reasoning

SSC CGL Exam Questions: General Intelligence & Reasoning Asked on 5th March

  • Q. 4 : 69 :: ? :: ?
  • Q. 7, 98, 196 :: ?,?,?
  • Q, 61, 63, 65, 77, 89, ?

SSC CGL Exam Questions: General Intelligence & Reasoning Asked on 4th March

  • Dentist: Doctor:: Chemistry:…. Ans. Science

SSC CGL Exam Questions: General Intelligence & Reasoning Asked on 3rd March

  • If DEPEND coded as EPHTJJ, the find the code of HUNGER?
  • If sum of ages of Ramesh & Suresh on 1st January 2015. And if Suresh is 3 year older than Ramesh, then what is the age of Suresh in 2010?
  • Series -> difference of prime numbers
  • If A*B->  A is Father of B, A/B -> A mother of B, A-B -> A is sister of B, A+B-> A is Son of B. H*L-Q+R-Y, So how L is related to Y?

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