SSC CGL 2018-19 Tier 1 : Questions Asked In Today’s Exam

Dear Aspirants,

SSC CGL Tier 1 exam has commenced from 4th June giving a golden opportunity to aspirants all over the country awaiting the job of their dreams. The one thing that every student demands after the exam is the questions asked from various sections. Getting acquainted with the questions will give a fair idea and one can analyze their performance.  Adda247 has always believed in helping our readers in the best way we can. In this post, we are providing you the questions asked in various shifts of SSC CGL Tier 1 exam. 

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SSC CGL Exam Questions: General Awareness

NOTE: The below questions asked in general awareness were provided by the aspirants who attempted the exam and it was interpreted by them. Some questions may be repeated in the below list or the question may be framed in any other way than given below. 

  • Battle of kanauj was held in which year?
  • Dartington Hall was designed by?
  • One question on largest constellation
  • Orion’s other’s name?
  • Who have scored most runs in ICC international One Day?
  • What is the SI Unit of Magnetic Field?
  • Special Olympics was held in which country?
  • How does an increase in demand affect the demand curve?
  • When production is increased then GDP is affected by?
  • Aligarh movement was started in which year?
  • What is the eastern most point?
  • What is the National Sport of Bangladesh?
  • Russia’s 1st President to visit India?
  • Highest Peak of Srilanka.
  • The longest-serving CM of India.
  • Longest serving Governor of India.
  • Chepu is the cultural name of which country?
  • One question on Buddha & his Dharma.
  • Loksabha’s session occurs in a year.
  • Saragadhi Battle was held in which year?
  • Byoh tribe related to which state?
  • One question on eye disease
  • Which part in brain is responsible for maintaining Porture & balance?
  • Who was the last ruler of Awadh?
  • Bleeding is related to which sport.
  • One question on scheme which was launched by the telecom department.
  • Study of insects

SSC CGL Exam Questions: English Language

  • Idiom & phrases –
  • Spell Correction –
  • Synonym- Endeavor
  • Antonym: Obstacle & Weakness
  • One word substitution- Trivial, Ductile
  • Antonym- public
  • One word substitution-
  • Spelling correction-mention,Scissor
  • Idioms & phrases- Black & white, under the nose

SSC CGL Exam Questions: General Intelligence & Reasoning

  • Pencil: Stationary::? : Pilates
  • Blood : Heart :: Kidney : ?

SSC CGL Exam Questions: Quantitative Aptitude

  • Note: 4 questions from DI were wrong in the paper, there were 5 schools given in the question but only 4 were in table [No. of students play Cricket, Volley Ball and Foot Ball was given]. And the questions were asked based on 5 schools.
    • SP= 288, Successive discount= 20% & 25% , Find MP?
    • If SP of 2 article are same, then profit of 26% on 1 article and loss on 18% on another. Find overall profit%?
    • Differnce between SI & CI is x for 2 years, rate=11%. Find principal?
    • 6 cubes are given with side 2cm. If they are kept together, then find total surface area?
    • If an arc ABC make an angle 138 degree, and AB is extended upto P, then find CBP?
    • Find the length of the chord, if radius of circle is 17cm and distance between center & chord is 15cm.
    • √x-1/√x = √5, then find x^2+1/x^2=?
    • √x+1/√x = 6, then find the Value of X^2+1/x^2= ?

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