SSC CGL 2018-19 Tier 1 : Questions Asked In Today’s Exam

Dear Aspirants,

SSC CGL Tier 1 exam has commenced from 4th June giving a golden opportunity to aspirants all over the country awaiting the job of their dreams. The one thing that every student demands after the exam is the questions asked from various sections. Getting acquainted with the questions will give a fair idea and one can analyze their performance.  Adda247 has always believed in helping our readers in the best way we can. In this post, we are providing you the questions asked in various shifts of SSC CGL Tier 1 exam. 

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SSC CGL Exam Questions: General Awareness

NOTE: The below questions asked in general awareness were provided by the aspirants who attempted the exam and it was interpreted by them. Some questions may be repeated in the below list or the question may be framed in any other way than given below. 

  • During the Second World War, The Battle of Kohima and Nagaland was fought in which year?
  • What does Detergent Contain?
  • In Happiness Index India’s rank?
  • Question-based on Dolphin?
  • Question-based on Litmus Paper?
  • There shall be a Governor for each state, is given in which article?
  • After the death of which King of Gujarat’s Baghel Dynasty, Allauddin Khilji Started ruling?
  • Which lens is used in hypermetropia
  • In a plant, food is transferred by 
  • Who presides over the joint sitting of parliament?
  • Burma was liberated which year?
  • Carolina 2018 miss universe from which country?
  • The highest number of border share by any country?
  • IPL started in which year?
  • How many international airports in India?
  • National animal of China
  • Blood pressure is measured by?
  • A prefix used for constant things– the answer is ISO
  • By which article members of Loksabha are nominated?
  • When was the ISI started?
  • One question related to Hiroshima Nagasaki war 

SSC CGL Exam Questions: English Language

  • Idiom – Out of the woods?
  • Spell Correction – Proportion & Accelerate
  • Synonym – Devout

SSC CGL Exam Questions: General Intelligence & Reasoning

  • Odd one out 24, 15, 35, 50
  • Economics: Social science:: Chemistry:??

SSC CGL Exam Questions: Quantitative Aptitude

  • Two articles are sold on the same price, one at 18% profit other at 18 % loss, find the overall gain or loss %?
  • two similar triangles ABC & PQR having area 4 & 9 cm respectively. In triangle PQR, PR = 16, PO= 12, OR = 10. then find the side BC
  • divisibility by 72
  • 7.8+5.6/4.5 Χ 2-8 Χ 4/3.2
  • 3SinA = 4CosA then find (tanA)² + SinA – CosA

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