Previous Year Percentage Questions For SSC CGL 2017

Dear Readers, Here We are providing a quant Quiz of 15  Math questions in accordance with the syllabus of SSC CGL. Most of these Questions are Previous Year asked in SSC CGL. It will give you implicit idea of Math Question Paper of SSC CGL 2017

Q1. 31% of employees pay tax in the year 2008. Now-tax paying employees are 20700. The total number of employees is
(a) 31160
(b) 64750
(c) 30000
(d) 66775

Q2. Two candidates contested in an election. One got 60% of the votes and won by 1600 votes. What is the number of votes polled?
(a) 9000
(b) 8000
(c) 10000
(d) 7500
Q3. In a factory 60% of the workers are above 30 yr and of these 75% are males and the rest are females. If there are 1350 male workers above 30 yr, the total number of workers in the factory is
(a) 3000
(b) 2000
(c) 1800
(d) 1500

Q5. The bus fare and train fare of a place from Kolkata were Rs. 20 and Rs. 30 respectively. Train fare has been increased by 20% and the bus fare has been increased by 10%. The ratio of new train fare to new bus fare is:
(a) 11 : 18
(b) 18 : 11
(c) 5 : 3
(d) 3 : 5
Q6. Ram’s expenditure and savings are in the ratio 5 : 3. If his income increases by 12% and expenditure by 15%, then by how much percent does his savings increase?
(a) 12%
(b) 7%
(c) 8%
(d) 13%
Q7. The ratio of two numbers is 4 : 5, when the first is increased by 20% and the second is decreased by 20%, then the ratio of the resulting numbers is:
(a) 4 : 5
(b) 5 : 4
(c) 5 : 6
(d) 6 : 5
Q9. In 2 kg mixture of copper and aluminium, 30% is copper. How much aluminium powder should be added to the mixture so that the quantity of copper becomes 20%?
(a) 900 gms
(b) 800 gms
(c) 1000 gms
(d) 1200 gms
Q10. Due to an increase of 50% in the price of eggs, 4 eggs less are available for Rs. 24. The present rate of eggs per dozen is:
(a) Rs. 24
(b) Rs. 27
(c) Rs. 36
(d) Rs. 42
Q11. If the monthly salary of a fan employee is increased by 2%, he gets 72 rupees more. His monthly salary (in rupees) is:
(a) Rs. 7200
(b) Rs. 3600
(c) Rs. 2700
(d) Rs. 2000
Q12. Bhuvnesh spends 30% of his salary on food and donates 3% in a Charitable Trust. He spends Rs. 2,310 on these two items, then total salary for that month is:
(a) Rs. 6,000
(b) Rs. 8,000
(c) Rs. 9,000
(d) Rs. 7,000
Q13. A person gave 20% of his income to his elder son, 30% of the remaining to the younger son and 10% of the balance, he donated to a trust. He is left with Rs. 10080. His income was;
(a) Rs. 50000
(b) Rs. 40000
(c) Rs. 30000
(d) Rs. 20000
Q14. In an election between two candidates, the candidate getting 60% of the votes polled, is elected by a majority of 14,000 votes. The number of votes obtained by the winning candidates is
(a) 28,000
(b) 32,000
(c) 42,000
(d) 46,000
Q15. For an examination it is required to get 36% of maximum marks to pass, A student got 113 marks and failed by 85 marks. The maximum marks for the examination are:
(a) 500
(b) 550
(c) 565

(d) 620

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