SSC CGL English Idioms and Phrases Quiz: 28 Feb

Study Plan for SSC CGL 2018-19 Exam by SSCADDA is all set to deliver the quizzes and notes on each four subjects asked in the Examination. Be a part of this study plan, visit SSCADDA website regularly to add up each day effort in your practice. Today, in this English quiz we are providing English Idioms and Phrases Quiz with Solutions to make your practice effective. Attempt this quiz and prepare yourself flawlessly. We wish you good luck for all the upcoming Exams.

Direction(1-5): In the following questions, out of the four alternatives select the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the idiom/phrase.

Q1. A hill of beans
(a) Pivotal part
(b) A correct account
(c) A thing of little value
(d) A source of amusement

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S1. Ans.(c)


Q2. To die in shoes
(a) To be murdered
(b) To be excessively excited
(c) To suicide
(d) To die because of illness

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S2. Ans.(a)


Q3. Plain as pike staff
(a) Dull
(b) Very obvious
(c) Lifeless
(d) Mysterious

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S3. Ans.(b)


Q4. Run down
(a) Criticize
(b) Cheerful
(c) Compromise
(d) To be defeated

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S4. Ans.(a)


Q5. Brain sauce
(a) Foolish
(b) Wisdom
(c) Mentally ill
(d) To hit someone on head

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S5. Ans.(b)


Q6. Settle a score
(a) Within a short time
(b) Take revenge
(c) Inadequate comfort
(d) Pay attention

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S6. Ans.(b)


Q7. In the dock
(a) On trial in court
(b) Remain popular
(c) Become fixed
(d) To stimulate

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S7. Ans.(a)


Q8. To the fore
(a) Indulge in pleasant memories
(b) To prevent
(c) Bring to completion
(d) In a leading position

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S8. Ans.(d)


Q9. Pull a fast one
(a) To find an easier method to solve others’ problems
(b) To deceive or trick someone
(c) To make a decision in a hurry
(d) To not follow what everyone else is doing

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S9. Ans.(b)
Sol. Expostulate: express strong disapproval/disagreement.
Laud: praise a person or their achievements highly.
Hence Expostulate and Laud are antonyms to each other.


Q10. Squares off
(a) To walk casually through something or some place
(b) To get ready for an argument or a fight
(c) To not do something immediately
(d) To win honor

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S10. Ans.(b)


Q11. Not give a toss
(a) To not care about something
(b) An expression or gesture of approval
(c) Not to fall for someone’s trap
(d) Not to think about one’s own past failure

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S11. Ans.(a)


Q12. Look over one’s shoulder
(a) Watch for danger or threats to oneself
(b) To ignore a person’s request
(c) To be obsessed with one’s own semblance
(d) To take attention or credit away from someone else

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S12. Ans.(a)


Q13. Hand over fist
(a) To be dexterous
(b) To do something that prevents an activity from continuing
(c) To announce your intention of entering a competition
(d) At a very fast pace

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S13. Ans.(d)

Q14. Running sore
(a) A source of wealth
(b) A constant source of trouble
(c) To participate in a big venture
(d) To buy things in a hurry

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S14. Ans.(b)

Q15. Gall and wormwood
(a) Useful
(b) Hateful
(c) Useless
(d) Hard to digest

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S15. Ans.(b)

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