SSC CGL 2018 Exam Date Postponed: What To Do Now!

Dear aspirants,

The official website of SSC now claims the delay in SSC CGL Tier-1 2018 Examination. Exam dates are yet to be declared by the Commission. The possibility of SSC CGL 2018 Exam deferral was already around the corner due to the new vendor setup as the contract of SIFY with the Commission came to end on 30th June 2018. However, a surfeit number of aspirants would have already practised to the core to crack SSC CGL 2018 but assuming that there are still a good number of aspirants who haven’t, is not something to be awestruck. Let’s divide the category of SSC CGL Aspirants into two parts, first category conjoins those who are well prepared for the exam and second category belongs to those who are still perplexed and diffident regarding their performance in SSC CGL Exam due to below the mark study session.  This category also subsumes those aspirants who are not even close to the inception of the preparation for SSC CGL 2018.  

But this decision of delaying in exam is still in favor to both categories aspirants anyhow. At least two more months is a safe guess to make and start preparing for SSC CGL 2018 to be on the upswing. Miracles do occur to only those who are the masters of hard-work, dedication and patience. There are a bunch of living examples who cracked SSC CGL Exam within a period of one month or two months not because they were privileged with abundant intelligence, opportunities or support from any but because they encompassed themselves with smart vision, smart study session, adequate practice and disciplined life routine. 

How the delay in SSC CGL 2018 Exam can actually be a reason behind fortifying your chances of success and how to utilize the remaining time to crack SSC CGL 2018?

1. The remaining time must be allotted to revision work and solving online Mock Tests by the aspirants who have already studied the basics, concepts, tricks, theories, formulae and almost the whole syllabus for SSC CGL 2018. Make revision work a priority as it takes no minute to forget what we studied this far.

2. Now come to those aspirants who are just at the beginning to prepare for SSC CGL, start studying important notes, solve relevant questions right after studying particular chapters. Prioritize the chapters, topics and questions which are frequently asked in SSC and hold a heavy weightage. Don’t look for various books and notes as syllabus for SSC is no less than a sea and diving in it without any strategy will make you drown. You may also apply for online crash courses to overcome the anxiety of vast syllabus.

3. Push this thinking to the shunt that without studying the syllabus, you can’t manage to appear for Mock Tests. Mock tests are not only a tool to boost your time management but also a weapon to gain knowledge to the extent. It is possible that you may come to learn lots of topics and tricks just by solving Mock Tests on regular basis. 

4. The remaining time can be taken as a golden chance to prepare for SSC General Awareness Section in a deep-rooted way. Until now, many aspirants would have been preparing for this section by cutting corners which would create vague chances of good attempts in GA Section. Take the remaining time to cut the mustard and clear all the remaining doubts regarding any section of SSC CGL Exam.

5. Last but not least, don’t waste time in making excuses that you could perform better if the exam would have happened on time, stop blaming your busy schedule, stop relying on tomorrows, stop overthinking, stop getting comfort in your present situation. Sharpen your skills, acquire knowledge, make improvement, work on your time management. If you could wait the whole year for this exam, then wait for almost two more months. Greater success stories bag longer time to be celebrated. 

To check official notification of SSC CGL 2018 Exam delay , click on the below link.