10 Days Of Revision | SSC Crash Course is the Solution

What you will get in this CRASH COURSE:

  • Mini Test
  • Video on Important Topics
  • General Science Capsule

1. SSC CGL MINI TEST:  Sometimes quality over quantity takes the lead. SSC CGL Mini Test is one of its kind way to come across exam cracking valuable questions from all the four sections of SSC CGL Exam. Total 40 Questions in this Test are all set to judge your performance, are you? If yes, then SSC Crash Course is your saviour.

Attempt Day-1 Mini Test

2. SSC CGL FREE Video : Based On Important Topics

Visual experience of learning tops the preferences of many aspirants and they get a good grasp of concepts and explanations through Video Learning. SSC CGL Free Video Crash Course do away with all your confusions and makes you a master of each section.


Download General Science Capsule for SSC CGL Exam