Science Questions for SSC CGL Exam 2017


Dear Students, At SSC ADDA, we are providing 15 important SCIENCE QUESTIONS based on previous year. SSC CGL Pre 2017 Exam is scheduled tentatively in the month of AUGUST 2017. SSC repeats many previous years questions. Every day, we provide quizzes on all the topics of General Studies.
Q1. An element of atomic no. 29 belongs to 
(a) s-block
(b) d-block
(c) p-block
(d) f-block

Q2. Baking soda is..
(a) NaHCO3
(b) H2 SO4
(c) HCI
(d) HF
Q3. In electro-refining, the pure metal is deposited on
(a) anode
(b) vessel
(c) electrolyte
(d) cathode
Q4. Natural rubber is a polymer of 
(a) Styrene
(b) Vinyl acetate
(c) Propene
(d) Isoprene
Q5. The pH of lemon juice is expected to be 
(a) more than 7
(b) equal to 7
(c) nothing can be predicted 
(d) less than 7
Q6. An example of heterocyclic compound is
(a) Anthracene
(b) Naphthalene
(c) Furan
(d) Benzene
Q7. An alloy used in making heating elements for electric heating device is
(a) German Silver
(b) Solder
(c) Alloy Steel
(d) Nichrome
Q8. For instant energy, athletes take 
(a) Sucrose 
(b) Vitamin C
(c) Sodium chloride
(d) Milk
Q9. The gas causing acid rain in an industrial area is
(a) Methane
(b) Carbon dioxide
(c) Carbon monoxide
(d) Sulphur dioxide
Q10. Citric acid is present in free form in
(a) Tamarind
(b) Milk
(c) Apple
(d) Lemon
Q11. The purity of Milk is determined by
(a) Hydrometer
(b) Lactometer
(c) Stalagmometer
(d) Thermometer
Q12. KMnO4 can be used as
(a) Insecticide 
(b) Fertilizer
(c) Pesticide
(d) Disinfectant
Q13. Insulin is
(a) An enzyme 
(b) A vitamin
(c) Hormone
(d) A synthetic drug
Q14. Cathode rays were discovered by
(a) Rutherford
(b) J. J. Thomson
(c) Lord Kelvin
(d) Dirac
Q15. Which of the following is used as anesthetic?
(a) NH3
(b) NO
(c) NO2
(d) N2O

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