SSC CGL 2015: Reasoning Quiz

Directions (1-5): In each of the following questions, select the one which is different from other three responses.
1.Select the one which is different from other three responses
A. 12-48
B. 18-54
C. 16-64
D. 14-56
2.Select the one which is different from other three responses
A. Liver
B. Lungs
C. Kidney
D. Ear

3.Select the one which is different from other three responses.

4.Select the one which is different from other three responses.
A. 5,3,2,9
B. 2,4,3,9
C. 1,4,3,8
D. 3,2,3,8
5.Select the one which is different from other three responses.
A. 325
B. 360
C. 230
D. 256
6.In the following questions, which one of the given responses would be a meaningful order of the following
1) Curd 2) grass 3) butter 4) milk 5) cow
A. 5,2,3,4,1
B. 4,2,5,3,1
C. 2,5,4,3,1
D. 5,2,4,1,3
7. Which number is wrong in the series?
5, 11, 23, 47, 96
A. 47
B. 23
C. 96
D. 11
8.Which one set of letters when sequentially placed at the gaps in the given letter series shall complete it?
m – – lm – l – mm – l
A. mllml
B. mlmll
C. llmlm
D. mmlml
9.Arrange the following words in a dictionary order
1) intricate 2) Interview 3) Intransigent 4) Interrogation 5) Intravenous
A. 2,4,5,3,1
B. 5,3,1,2,4
C. 4,2,3,5,1
D. 3,5,2,1,4
10.Direction: From among the given alternatives select the one in which the set of numbers is most likely the set of numbers given in the question.
Given set : (2,10,28)
A. 4,20,56
B. 7,42,49
C. 37,145,258
D. 258,16,47


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  1. Three pipes P, Q and R can fill a tank in 6 hours. After working at it together for 2 hours, R is closed and P and Q can fill the remaining part in 7 hours. The number of hours taken by R alone to fill the tank is:

  2. A tap can fill a tank in 6 hours. After half the tank is filled, three more similar taps are opened. What is the total time taken to fill the tank completely?

  3. Hello yam is this u??? Who named u know that haary in BA in your maths u remembr dud..Am that haary..

  4. it may sound silly but i tried
    12,5,13 is right angle and base is 5 p=12, h=13 so tan(a)=12/5

  5. If a/b = b/c = c/d; then (b^3 + d^3 + c^3) /(a^3 + b^3 + c^3) = ?
    A.a/b B.d/a C.a/d D.c/a

  6. PLEASE HELP _/_
    cgl form pe jahapar marks dalna tha galti se Maine 3 blanks pe graduation ka 3 subjects ka individual percentage de diya! Wat to do now?

  7. 1/24+1/20-1/x = 1/15 , x=40 minutes. 3 gallons per minute, so capacity = 40*3 = 120

  8. tap can fill complete in 6 hrs..
    and half in 3 hrs
    now to fill another half 4 taps are working
    use m1t1/w1 = m2t2/w2
    (1)(6)/(1) = (4)(t2)/(1/2)
    from here t2 = 6/8 hrs
    = 45 min
    so total time = 3hrs 45 min

  9. 20x= x*4+(2x)*8.. x investment for 4 mnths and 2x investment for rest 8 mnths.. similarly 24x= 3x*4+(1.5x)*8 and 40x= 5x*4+(2.5x*8)

  10. Anyone can suggest me, which of the best book between (Quantum CAT by Sarvesh sharma ) or ( Fast track objective by Rajesh verma)

  11. It is not my business (1)/ to give an advice to those (2)/ who are not sensible enough (3)/ to deal with their own problem. (4)/ No error

  12. My friend insisted (1)/ that I should (2)/ see the movie (3)/ from beginning (4)/ No error

  13. Prince Charles (1)/ is a heir (2)/ to the throne (3)/ of the Great Britain./ No error

  14. Both the civilians (a) / and army men (b) / joined the First World War.(c) / No Error (d)

  15. Now that she is living in her own flat, (a) / she cleans the windows,(b) / twice a week in the summer and once a week in the winter. (c) /No error (d)

  16. The need to set up (1)/ a good library in the locality (2)/ has been in the minds of people (3)/ for some time. (4)/ No error

  17. ans 3
    People in this sentence is used in particular sense. So, the will be used before people.

  18. On my request (1)/ Jatin introduced me (2)/ to his friend (3)/ who is singer and scientist (4)/ No error

  19. Being a well known (a)/ cartoonist, he was (b)/ invited to deliver (c)/ a lecture on Modern art (d)/ No error (e).

  20. From Mumbai, (a)/ the Rajdhani Express (b)/ do not go straight (c)/ to New Delhi (d)/ No error (e

  21. Vibhor talked to Manish (1)/ by a telephone (2)/ yesterday but (3)/ she was not in her house. (4)/ No error

  22. Sixty two students went (1)/ to the Church (2)/ yesterday to see (3)/ the stained glass there. (4)/ No error

  23. If I would have (a)/ spoken to my father (b)/ as you speak to me, (c)/ he would have beaten me (d)/ No error (e).

  24. Kabir and Rahim (1)/ are great poets (2)/ but the former is (3)/ greater than latter. (4)/ No error

  25. He (1)/ has abandoned (2)/ the criminal activities (3)/ after returning from jail.(4)/ No erro

  26. Mahatma Gandhi did not solve (1)/ all the problems of the future (2)/ but he did solve (3)/ problems of his own age. (4)/ No error

  27. One who believes in God?
    E.None of these

  28. A place good for the sick?
    E.None of these

  29. One who walks in one’s sleep?
    E.None of thes

  30. One who abstains totally from alcoholic drinks?
    E.None of these

  31. A cluster of houses in a village?
    E.None of these

  32. One who collects postage stamps?
    B.Stamp collector
    E.None of these

  33. One who is an expert in judging art, music, etc?
    E.None of these

  34. A sneering person who always finds faults.
    E.None of these

  35. Rearrange the following six sentences (A), (B), (C), (D), (E) and (F) in the proper sequence to form a meaningful paragraph; then answer the questions given below them.

    (A) There is ample justification for the phenomenon of the description.

    (B) In the present year also, efforts are being made to rejuvenate Pali.

    (C) A curious researcher can study them provided he has mastery over Pali language.

    (D) The Indian tradition describes Buddha as an advocate of analytical method .

    (E) Pali was perhaps the most commonly used language in these days.

    (F) This justification is found in several discourses.

  36. Ok … Thanq Roshan 🙂
    N of u'll conduct quiz tommorow too??? N if yes then plz let me knw d tym…

  37. A Contractor employed a certain number of workers to finish constructing a road in a certain scheduled time. Sometime later, when a part of work had been completed, he realised that the work would get delayed by three-fourth of the scheduled time, so he at once doubled the no of workers and thus he managed to finish the road on the scheduled time. How much work he had been completed, before increasing the number of workers?

    A) 10 %
    B) 14 2/7 %
    C) 20 %
    D) Can't be determined

  38. Let he initially employed x workers which works for D days and he estimated 100 days for the whole work and then he doubled the worker for (100-D) days.

    D * x +(100- D) * 2x= 175x

    => D= 25 days

    Now , the work done in 25 days = 25x

    Total work = 175x

    therefore, workdone before increasing the no of workers = 25x/175x*100 = 100/7% = 14 2/7%

  39. A single reservoir supplies the petrol to the whole city, while the reservoir is fed by a single pipeline filling the reservoir with the stream of uniform volume. When the reservoir is full and if 40,000 liters of petrol is used daily, the suply fails in 90 days.If 32,000 liters of petrol is used daily, it fails in 60 days. How much petrol can be used daily with out the supply ever failing?

    A) 64000 liters
    B) 56000 liters
    C) 78000 liters
    D) 60000 liters

  40. xplnation nhe yad h..ek bar adde par apne ye questn shyad pucha tha………so bus dekha to yad agya:P:P

  41. Suppose ki A ltr ki capacity h tank ki…or abhi ye full bhara hua h…
    Filling pump daily X ltr petrol fill krta h…
    A + 90X = 90*40000—-(1)
    A + 60X = 32000*60—-(2)
    solve them
    X = 56000 ltr…
    ItNA PETROL daily fill hoga or use b ho jaega…so tank kbhi khali nhi hoga…:)
    aaya smjh m.???

  42. oh ho bhai…
    tank full h….mtlb ki A ltr h usme
    A +
    X ltr daily fill hota h…or total 90 days m khali ho jata h…mtlb 90 days tk fill hota h

    A+90X =
    ab ek din m 40000 ltr nikalta h…or 90 days m khali ho jata h,…

    mtlb ki

    A+90X = 90*40000

  43. A and B together finish a wor in 20 days.They worked together for 15 days and then B left. Afer another 10 days,A finished the remaining work. In how many days A alone can finish the job?

    A) 30
    B) 40
    C) 50
    D) 60

  44. in a mixture of milk and water the proportion by weight was 7:5in Brand A, 8:6 in brand B, and 5:6 in Brand C. A, B, C mixed in equal quantities to form Brand D. what will b the ratio of milk and water in Brand D

  45. A and B together can do a piece of work in 40 days. A having worked for 20 days, B finishes the remaining work alone in 60 days. In How many days shall B finish the whole work alone?

    A) 60
    B) 70
    C) 80
    D) 90

  46. apply above concept in this question
    12sinφ + 5cosφ = 13
    tanφ = ??

    12^2 +5^2 -13^2 =0 so
    tan = b/a = 12/5

  47. aj khush to bahut ho rhe hoge..bacho wale question aa rhe h… lo to papa wala…..2 min ka tym h bs..

  48. A group of workers was put on a job. From the second day onwards, one worker was withdrawn each day. The job was finished when the last worker was withdrawn. Had no worker been withdrawn at any stage, the group would have finished the job in 55% of the time. How many workers were there in the group?

    A) 50
    B) 40
    C) 45
    D) 10

  49. mainey to option se hal kiya jab thor ne answer diya …………….aisey qstn kaha se late ho

  50. suppose there r X workers
    x + (x-1) + (x-2) + …..0
    sum = x(x+1)/2
    x*(x+1)/2 = x * 55x/100

    solve it

    x = 10

  51. The ratio of efficiency of A is to C is 5:3. The ratio of number of days taken by B is to C is 2:3. A takes 6 days less than C, when A and C completes the work individually. B and C started the work and left after 2 days. The number of days taken by A to finish the remaining work is:

    A) 4.5
    B) 5
    C) 6
    D) 9 1/3

  52. A contractor undertakes to complete a work in 130 days. He employs 150 men for 25 days and they complete 1/4 of the work . He then reduces the number of men to 100, who work for 60 days, after which there are 10 days holidays.How many men must be employed for the remaining period to finish the work?

  53. han bhai ….wo kal wali problem fir start ho gyee the…to browser ko uninstall kar rha tha

  54. are apko kal b btaya tha…crome m extnsn dal lo….add block plus….1 b add nhhi aaegi

  55. kiya tha..lekin wo load hi nhe ho rha…keh rha tha third party is not allowing this to install…aisa kuch

  56. 2(a+b+c)=1/8
    10/16=8/5 wrk done
    1/48*t=3/5 (wrk left)
    bhut lamba h ye method

  57. 150×25=3750 ye 1/4 hain over all ka
    then 100% 3750×100/25=15000 units
    15000-3750=11250 units remaining

    now 100 men works 60 days then 100×60=6000 units
    now 11250-6000=5250 units remaining
    25+60=85 days and +10 holidays days then 85+10=95 days
    130-95=35 remaining days
    now 5250/35=150

  58. 12 men can complete a work in 8 days. 16 women can complete the same work in 12 days. 8 men and 8 women started working and worked for 6 days. How many more men are to be added to complete the remaining work in 1 day?

    A) 8
    B) 12
    C) 16
    D) 24

  59. one word substitutions…………one who loves mankind….philanthropist
    one who hates mankind…misanthrope.
    one who eats human flesh…cannibal
    one who lives on flesh…carnivorous
    one who walks on foot…pedestrian

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