SSC CGL 2015 : General Science Quiz

1. Grave’s disease is caused due to
a) hyperactivity of thyroid
b) hypoactivity of thymus
c) hypoactivity of thyroid
d) hyperactivity of thymus

2. Iron and manganese are removed in water by the process of
a) Chlorination
b) Filtration
c) Lime-soda treatment
d) Aeration
3.  Suspended colloidal particles in the water can be removed by the process of
a) Filtration
b) Adsorption
c) Absorption
d) Coagulation
4.  Which one of the following is called the primary pace maker of the heart?
a) A.V. Node
b) Chordae tendinae
c) A.V. Septum
d) S.A. Node
5.  The concept of ‘Carbon credit’ originated from
a) Earth Summit, Rio-de-Janerio
b) Kyoto Protocol
c) Montreal Protocol
d) None of the above
6.  Caustic soda is
a) deliquescent
b) oxidant
c) reductant
d) efflorescent
7.  Activated sludge treatment is called
a) Preliminary treatment
b) Biological treatment
c) Pre treatment
d) Chemical treatment
8.  Chiropterophily means
a) production of flowers
b) pollination by wind
c) pollination by bat
d) production of leaves
9.  Which part of the plant is used as ‘saffron’?
a) Petals
b) Stamens
c) Style and Stigma
d) Sepals
10. The property which is seen in light wave but not in sound wave is
a) Diffraction
b) Refraction
c) Polarization
d) Interference

ANSWER KEY: 1- (A), 2- (B), 3- (D), 4- (D), 5- (B), 6- (A), 7- (B), 8- (C), 9- (C), 10- (C)

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  2. I have forgot to enter % marks for matriculation and +2 in application of cgl and fully submitted application. what shall i do?

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