1. Which vitamin is provided by sunlight to the body?  
A. Vitamin A
B. Vitamin B
C. Vitamin C
D. Vitamin D

2. The deficiency of which of the following leads to dental caries?  

A.  Iron
B.  Copper
C.  Fluorine
D.  Zinc
3. Healing of wounds is hastened by vitamin  
A.  A
B.  E
C.  C
D.  K
4. Carotene in Indian cow’s milk causes  
A.  Creamish white colour
B.  yellow colour
C.  deep yellow colour
D.  no change
5. A woman who weighs 45 kg and whose work involves a lot of physical exertion needs  
A.  2800 calories per day
B.  3000 calories per day
C.  25000 calories per day
D.  3700 calories per day
6. Which one of the following is a primate?  
A.  Bear
B.  Otter
C.  Loris
D.  Pangolin
7. To which one of the following types of organisms do mushrooms belong?  
A.  Algae
B.  Ferns
C.  Fungi
D.  Lichens
8. Which one of the following disease is Inheritable?  
A.  Leukaemia
B.  Colour blindness
C.  Malignancy
D.  Hepatitis
9. BCG vaccination (Bacillus Calmette Guerine) is injected to get immunity from  
A.  Polio
B.  Cholera
C.  Small pox
D.  Tuberculosis
10. Which one of the following is a vitamin?  
A.  Citric acid
B.  Folic acid
C.  Glutamic acid
D.  Linoleic acid

ANSWER KEY: 1- (D), 2- (C), 3- (C), 4- (B), 5- (B), 6- (C), 7- (C), 8- (B), 9- (D), 10- (B)

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  1. mam, please explain the answer of 5th question. Is there any formula to calculate calorie need per day according to weight?

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