Spotting Error Quiz on Pronouns

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Based on Past posts on Pronouns(Part -1 and Part- 2), We are providing you some practice questions that will help you. Do practice these questions because these questions contains all types of errors that can be asked from pronouns.
Find out which part of a sentence has an error.
1.  Between(a)  /you and I, the secretary(b) / is not a gentleman.(c)/ No error (d)
2.  One should (a) /do your duty(b) / honestly and sincerely.(c) /No error (d)
3.  Good students(a)/ like you and he(b)/ should study regularly.(c)/ No error (d)
4.  You , he and I(a)/  are (b) /in the wrong.(c)/ No error (d)
5.  Only (a) / you and him(b)/  can do this work fast.(c)/ No error (d)
6.  If I were him,(a)/ I would not misbehave (b)/ like this.(c) / No error(d)
7.  Everyone announced (a)/ one’s plans in(b)/  the presence of the President.(c)/ No error
8.  She helped everyone (a) / of those boys(b)/  in doing their work.(c)/ No error (d)
9.  Every(a) / teacher and every student (b) / should do their duty.(c)/ No error (d)
10. Neither of the boys (a)/  has (b)/ submitted their records.(c)/ No Error (d).
11.  She availed of (a)/ the(b)/ opportunity.(c)/ No error (d)
12.  Those two (a)/ companies always (b)/ help one another.(c)/ No error (d)
13.  India and Pakistan (a)/ should cooperate with(b)/ one another in this matter.(c)/ No error(d)
14.  Dear students , (a) / enjoy(b)/  during the holidays.(c)/ No error (d)
15.  The committee were (a)/divided in its opinion (b)/ regarding this issue. (c) / No error (d)


(b) Answer: you and me
(b) Answer: do one’s duty
(b) Answer: You and me
(a) Answer: I, you and me
(b) Answer: Only you and he
(a) Answer: If I were he
(b) Answer: his plans in
(c) Answer: is doing his work.
(c) Answer: his or her duty.
(c) Answer: his record.
(a) Answer: She availed herself of
(c) Answer: each other.
(c) Answer: Each other
(c) Answer: Enjoy yourselves.
(b) Answer: in their opinion.

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  1. I have forgot to enter % marks for matriculation and +2 in application of cgl and fully submitted application. what shall i do????????????

  2. Dear Anoop
    There was no required marks of 10th and 12th in cgl. If you filled your graduation marks then it is ok.

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