Science Questions for SSC CGL Exam 2017


Dear Students, Science is an important part in GENERAL STUDIES of SSC CGL and CPO. In SSC CGL, 5-8 questions were asked from this part. So we provide 15 Questions of SCIENCE every day .We have provided Science Notes too.

Q1. Protein is considered as a 
(a) Body builder
(b) Energy producer
(c) Regulator
(d) Bulk increaser
S1. Ans.(a)

Q2. Cellulose is the chief constituent of 
(a) cell wall
(b) cell membrane
(c) secondary wall of xylem
(d) body wall of insects
S2. Ans.(a)

Q3. Carrot is a rich source of vitamin 

(a) A
(b) C
(c) D
(d) E
S3. Ans.(a)

Q4. A disease caused by Protozoa is 
(a) Common cold
(b) Pneumonia
(c) Malaria
(d) Cholera
S4. Ans.(c)

Q5. Which vitamin is produced in human body by exposing it to early morning sun-rays? 
(a) Vitamin A
(b) Vitamin B
(c) Vitamin C
(d) Vitamin D

S5. Ans.(d)
Q6. Bone is used as a fertilizer because it contains the plant nutrient 
(a) Nitrogen
(b) Phosphorus
(c) Sodium
(d) Calcium
S6. Ans.(b)

Q7. Which of the following cells secrete insulin? 

(a) Alpha cells
(b) Delta cells
(c) Nerve cells
(d) Beta cells
S7. Ans.(d)
Q8. Blood pressure is the pressure exerted by blood on the walls of
(a) Heart
(b) Veins
(c) Arteries
(d) Capillaries
S8. Ans.(c)

Q9. Housefly spreads 

(a) Common cold
(b) Malaria
(c) Flu
(d) Typhoid
S9. Ans.(d)
Q10. ‘Lockjaw’ is the last phase of which of the following diseases? 
(a) Diptheria
(b) Pneumonia
(c) Syphilis
(d) Tetanus
S10. Ans.(d)

Q11. Reflex actions are controlled by 

(a) the Brain
(b) the Spinal Chord
(c) the Nerves
(d) the Cells 
S11. Ans.(b)

Q12. A plant which reproduces by means of spores 
(a) Mustard
(b) Coriander
(c) Ferns
(d) Petunia
S12. Ans.(c)
Q13. Which of these is a modified underground stem? 
(a) Radish
(b) Carrot
(c) Sweet Potato
(d) Potato
S13. Ans.(d)

Q14. Bile is stored in the 

(a) Gall-bladder
(b) Duodenum
(c) Liver
(d) Spleen
S14. Ans.(a)

Q15. Where is the Pineal Gland situated?

(a) in the Liver
(b) in the Brain
(c) in the Kidneys
(d) in the Uterus
S15. Ans.(b)

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