Science Questions for SSC CGL Exam 2017

Dear Students, Science is an important part in GENERAL STUDIES of SSC CGL and CPO. In SSC CGL, 5-8 questions were asked from this part. So we provide 15 Questions of SCIENCE every day .We have provided Science Notes too.

Q1. Silk is produced by 
(a) Egg of a silkworm 
(b) Pupa of silkworm 
(c) Larva of silkworm 
(d) Insect itself 
S1. Ans.(c)

Q2. Which of the following is an egg laying mammal? 
(a) Bat
(b) Leafy ant-eater 
(c) Whale 
(d) Spiny ant-eater 
S2. Ans.(d)

Q3. The deficiency of iodine leads to 
(a) Hyperthyroidism 
(b) Goitre
(c) Midgut
(d) Diabetes 
S3. Ans.(b)
Q4. The saliva helps in the digestion of 
(a) Proteins 
(b) Starch 
(c) Fibres
(d) Fats 
S4. Ans.(b)

Q5. Osteocytes are found in
(a) Bone
(b) Blood
(c) Cartilage
(d) Lymph
S5. Ans.(a)

Q6. Of which tissue nails, hoofs and horns are made of 
(a) Cutide
(b) Chitin 
(c) Keratin 
(d) Tunicin
S6. Ans.(c)

Q7. Which chromosomal combination is responsible for maleness in man? 
(a) xo
(b) xxx
(c) xx
(d) xy
S7. Ans.(d)

Q8. In cauliflower plant the useful part is: 
(a) Underground stem 
(b) Root
(c) Young inflorescence 
(d) Leaves 
S8. Ans.(c)

Q9. ‘Stone Cancer’ occurs due to :
(a) Acid rain 
(b) Global warming 
(c) Radioactivity 
(d) Bacterial action 
S9. Ans.(a)

Q10. Cadmium pollution is associated with:
(a) Minamata disease
(b) Black foot disease
(c) Dyslexia
(d) Itai-itai
S10. Ans.(d)

Q11. Haemoglobin has highest affinity for 
(a) Oxygen 
(b) Carbon dioxide 
(c) Carbon monoxide
(d) Nitrogen 
S11. Ans.(c)

Q12. Cockroach cannot survive in the water because its respiratory organ is 
(a) Gill 
(b) Trachea 
(c) Book lung 
(d) Pulmonary Sac 
S12. Ans.(b)
Q13. Mercury poisoning in man causes the disease 
(a) Black lung 
(b) Arsenicosis
(c) Minamata
(d) Tai-Etai
S13. Ans.(c)

Q14. The yellow colour of urine is due to presence of 
(a) Bile 
(b) Lymph 
(c) Cholesterol 
(d) Urochrome
S14. Ans.(d)

Q15. The Drone in honey-bee are
(a) Fertile male 
(b) Fertile female 
(c) Sterile male 
(d) Sterile female 
S15. Ans.(a)

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