Science (Mixed) Quiz Based on NCERT for SSC 2016 Quiz

1. What type of microscope would you need to view a cellular structure that is 5 nm in size?
A. a light microscope
B. an electron microscope
C. a compound microscope
D. no microscope can resolve down to 5 nm

2. Which of the following statements is incorrect?
A. DNA in the nucleus is usually coiled into chromosomes.
B. The nucleolus is the site of ribosomal RNA synthesis.
C. Some substances can pass into and out of the nucleus.
D. Red blood cells cannot synthesize RNA.
3. According to Dalton’s atomic theory the smallest particle which can exist independently is–
A. An atom 
B. A molecule
C. A cation 
D. An anion 
4. The major ingredient of leather is–
A. Carbohydrate 
B. Collagen
C. Polymer 
D. Nucleic acid 
5. The fastest acting enzyme in the biological kingdom is–
A. lipase 
B. amylase
C. carboxypeptidase 
D. carbonic anhydrase 
6. Glass is made from the mixture of–
A. Quartz and mica 
B. Sand and salt
C. Sand and silicates 
D. None of these 
7. Which of following is used as a filter in rubber tyres?
A. Graphite 
B. Coal
C. Coke 
D. Carbon Black 
8. Vitamins are–
A. inorganic substances which cannot be synthesized by animals
B. inorganic by animals
C. organic substances that cannot be generally synthesized by animals
D. organic substances which can be commonly synthesized by animals 
9. Which of the following is a physical change?
A. oxidation 
B. reduction
C. sublimation 
D. decomposition 
10. The chemical used as a fixer in photography is–
A. Borax 
B. Sodium thiosulphate
C. Sodium Sulphate 
D. Ammonium persulphate 

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