Science (Mixed) Quiz Based on NCERT for SSC 2016 Quiz

1. Astigmatism for a human eye can be removed by using-
A. concave lens
B. cylindrical lens
C. convex lens
D. prismatic lens

2. Which of the following produce a virtual image longer in size than the object?
A. convex lens
B. concave lens
C. concave mirror
D. both (a) and (c)
3. Myopia is due to-
A. older age
B. shortening of eye ball
C. elongation of eye ball
D. irregular changes in the focal length of the eye lens

4. Isotonic solutions have the same-
A. molar concentration
B. density
C. normality
D. strength

5. The hard shell of an egg was dissolved in HCl. The egg was then placed in a concentration solution of NaCl . What will happens?
A. the egg will swell
B. the egg will shrink
C. the egg will become harder
D. there will be no change
6. Semipermeable membrane is that which permits the passage of-
A. solute molecules only
B. solvent molecules only
C. both solute and solvent molecules
D. neither solute nor solvent molecules

7. Chemical name of vitamin A is-
A. thiamine
B. ascorbic acid
C. nicotin amide
D. axerophthol(retinol)

8. The coagulation of protein is called-
A. dehydration
B. decay
C. deamination
D. denaturing
9. The vitamins which are soluble in water are- 
A. A and B
B. C and D
C. A and D
D. B and C

10. A protein is best described as –
A. polyamide
B. polypeptide
C. polyurethane
D. polyester

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