Rules For use of Pronouns in Sentence Correction Part – II

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we have already provided you the Types of Pronoun and Rules of Pronouns part- I  , This
post is in continuous to same post. This post also  consist of the types of
errors that can be asked related to pronoun.These rules will be helpful for your upcoming exams.
Rule 1: 
One can be used to talk about people in general. The pronoun that follows one should be one’s. (not his/her).
One should do his duty (wrong)
One should do one’s duty (correct)

Rule 2: 
A relative pronoun must always be placed as near its antecedent as possible. Also, it must always agree with its antecedent in number, gender and person.
This is the manager who abused the clerk.

Rule 3: 
Generally, the relative pronoun in the objective case is omitted.  
The student (whom is omitted) you wanted to punish is absent today.

Rule 4: 
The pronouns who, whom and whose are generally used for persons.
Who is used in the nominative case.
Whom is used in the objective case.
Whose is used in the possessive case. 
1.Sarita is the student who got an award.
2.They are the thieves whom the police caught.
3.This is the student whose certificate are lost.

Rule 5: 
When the relative pronoun is an different cases, one in the nominative and the other in the objective, it must be mentioned twice, once for each verb.   
The girl, who is my daughter and whom you met in the library yesterday, left for Mumbai this morning.
In the above example the subject of the sentence ‘the girl’ is also the object of the sentence. Hence both ‘who’ and ‘whom’ are used.

Rule 6: 
Use of which:
Which’ is used in the following ways.   
1.For infants, small animals, and objects
This is the baby which was lost in the theatre.
This is the dog which my friend bought from the Kennel’s club. 
2.When selection is expressed.
Which of these television sets do you want to purchase?
3.To refer to a sentence.
He was said to be drunk, which was not true.

Rule 7: 
Use of THAT:
‘That’ is used in the following ways:
1.For persons, lifeless things and small animals in the singular or in the plural number.
This is the girl that failed in the exam.
This is the radio that I bought yesterday.

2.As a substitute for a singular noun already mentioned.
(pay attention to this use particularly in the comparative degree)
The weather of Hyderabad is far better than Chennai (wrong).
The weather of Hyderabad is far better than that of Chennai.
3.After a noun phrase used as direct object.
I vividly remember the night that she came.
(Here that is used in the sense of when)

Rule 8:  ‘Either’ and ‘neither’ are used in speaking of two persons or places or things etc.  
Neither Mahesh nor Mohan is intelligent. (negative meaning is implied)
Either Mahesh or Mohan is expected to get a prize. (positive meaning is implied)

Rule 9: 
Uses of each other and one another
1. Each other is used for two persons or things or places etc.  
These two students love each other.

2. One another is used for more than two persons or things.
Those four countries always disagree with one another.

Rule 10: 
Each can come in three different positions in a sentence.
1.Each of the student positions in a sentence. (initial)
2.The students got a prize each. (end)
3.The students were each given a prize. (middle)  


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