RRB NTPC Reasoning Questions : 26th November

Q1. Choose the correct alternative from the given ones that will complete the series.
21, 9, 21, 11, 21, 13, 21, ?
(a) 14
(b) 15
(c) 21
(d) 23

Q2. Choose the correct alternative from the given ones that will complete the series.
A, C, F, H, ?, M
(a) L
(b) K
(c) J
(d) I

Q3. If HEATER is written as KBDQHO, how will you encode COOLER?

Q4. If Anita is taller than Surjit but shorter than Kusum and Surjit is just as tall as Kalpana but taller than Vanita, then Kalpana is
(a) just as tall as Anita
(b) taller than Kusum
(c) shorter than Anita
(d) shorter than Surjit

Q5. In the following question, a word has been given, followed by four other words, one of which cannot be formed by using the letters.
(c) SCAR

Q6. Select the related word from the given alternatives.
Food : Stomach : : Fuel: ?
(a) Plane
(b) Truck
(c) Engine
(d) Automobile

Q7. Suresh walks 20 metres North. Then he turns right and walks 30 m. Then he turns right and walks 35m. Then he turns left and walks 15 m. Then he gains turns left and walks 15 m. In which directions and how many metres away is the from his original position?
(a) 15m; West
(b) 30m; East
(c) 30 m; West
(d) 45 m; East

Q8. Three out of four are similar in some way, find out the one which is different from others.
(a) Brook
(b) Pond
(c) Pool
(d) Tank

Q9. Pointing to a man in a photograph, a woman said, “His brother’s father is the only son of my grandfather.” How is the woman related to the man in the photograph?
(a) Mother
(b) Aunt
(c) Sister
(d) Grand mother

Q10. Find the missing number in the following matrix.

(a) 15
(b) 16
(c) 17
(d) 18


S1. Ans.(b)
Sol. In this alternating repetition series, the random number 21 is interpolated every other number into an otherwise simple addition series that increase by 2, beginning with the number 9.

S2. Ans. (b)
Sol. The series is having the pattern +2, +3, +2, +3………

S3. Ans. (b)
Sol. The first, third and fifth letters of the word are each moved three steps forward while the second, fourth and sixth letters are each moved three steps backward to obtain the corresponding letters of the code.

S4. Ans. (c)

S5. Ans. (d)

S6. Ans. (c) Food gives energy to the stomach and fuel provides energy to the engine.

S7. Ans. (d)
Suresh starts from A. His afterward movements are shown in the diagram made according to the instructions. His final position is F. Now F lies to the east of A. He is at a distance AF which is (30 + 15) i.e. 45 m.

S8. Ans. (a)
Sol. Brook is a natural stream of fresh water where as others may be artificially formed.

S9. Ans. (c)
Sol. Only son of woman’s grandfather means woman’s father; Man’s brother’s father means man’s father. So, the woman is the sister of the man.

S10. Ans. (b)
Sol. Column 1:112 – 12 = 120
Column 2: 72 – 22 = 45
∴ Column 3: 52 – 32 = 16



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