RRB NTPC Reasoning Questions : 18th November 2019


Q1. ‘Pointing to a lady’ A man said, “The son of her only brother is the brother of my wife. How is lady related to that man.”
(a) Mother’s Sister

(b) Grandmother
(c) Mother-in-law

(d) Sister of father-in-law

Q2. Which one set of letters when sequentially placed at the gaps in the given letter series shall complete it?
B C D C D E F D E F G H _ _ _ _ _ _



Q3. Find the next term in the following series?
Y2C , W3F , U8I , S27L , Q112O , ?
(a) O565R

(b) O565S
(c) P1165R

(d) P1165S

Q4. Find the next term in following number series-
0 , 6 , 20 , 42 , 72 , ?
(a) 148

(b) 144
(c) 110

(d) 136

Q5. Find the correct set of numbers from the given alternatives.
(1, 2, 3), (1, 4, 9), (1, 16, 81),
(1, ? , ?)
(a) 256 , 6561

(b) 128 , 5251
(c) 190, 2012

(d) 543, 4533

Q6.A GANGA river flows north to south and on the way turns left and goes in a quarter-circle round a hillock and then turns right at a right angle. In which direction in the river finally flowing?
(a) West

(b) East
(c) North

(d) South

Q7. Arrange the following words in the same order in which they occur in dictionary.
(1) Acorn (2) Acoustic
(3) Acquaint (4) Acquired
(5) Aconitine
(a) 34512

(b) 43512
(c) 51432

(d) 51234

Q8. Find the missing number
31 17 58 87
68 19 61 56
91 22 70 50
10 142 11 ?
(a) 3

(b) 6
(c) 7

(d) 9

Q9. A statement is given followed by two conclusions. You have to consider the statement to be true even if it seems to be at variance from commonly known facts. You have to decide which of the given conclusions, if any, follow from the given statement.
Statements :
A friend in need is a friend indeed.
Conclusions :
I. All are friends in good times.
II. Enemies in bad times are not friends.
(a) Only conclusion I follows
(b) Only conclusion II follows
(c) Both conclusion I and II follow
(d) Neither conclusion I nor II follows

Q10. Jaipur is in the North-east of jodhpur.Alwar is in the south of Jaipur and in the south-east of jodhpur. Jalore is in the west of alwar and in the line with Jaipur -jodhpur. In which direction Jaipur is located with respect to jalore?
(a) North

(b) East
(c) South-West

(d) North-East



Sol. Sum of numbers in each column is 200

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