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RRB NTPC Mathematics Quiz : 6th November

Dear aspirants,
As you all know, RRB NTPC Exam will be held in the month of November-December 2019. So we are here to help you with the Mathematics subject. We are providing daily quantitative aptitude quizzes, which will help you to score good marks in this section. We aim to provide the best study material to our readers with exam level questions to help them get used to the recent pattern. Attempt this quiz and check your preparation.

Q1. 12 persons working 8 hours a day can complete a work in 10 days. In how many days 18 persons working 7 hours day will complete 70% of work?
(a) 9 days
(b)5 1/3 days
(c)6 1/5 days
(d)4 1/2 days

Q2. Let ∆ ABC ~ QPR and ar(ABC)/ar(PQR) =1/16. If AB = 3 cm, BC= 5 cm an AC = 7 cm, then PQ is equal to –
(a) 12 cm
(b) 9 cm
(c) 15 cm
(d) 18 cm

Q3. ABCD is a cyclic quadrilateral such that AB is a diameter of the circle circumscribing it and ∠ ADC = 145°. What is the measure of the ∠ BAC?
(a) 65°
(b) 75°
(c) 45°
(d) 55°

Q4. From the top of a 100 m high tower, the angle of depression of the top of a pole is 30° and the angle of depression of the foot of the pole is θ, such that tanθ =2/3. What is the height of the pole?
(a) 50(2-√3)m
(b) 50(2+√3)m
(c) 100(2+√3)m
(d) 100(2-√3)m

Q5. What is the ratio of mean proportion between 4.9 and 16.9 and third proportion between 3 and 7?
(a) 61 : 59
(b) 11 : 13
(c) 43 : 57
(d) 39 ; 70

Q6. If x+1/x=3, find x^5+1/x^5
(a) 125
(b) 128
(c) 123
(d) 121

Q7. If sec 3x = cosec (4x–35°), then x equal to –
(a) 19.2
(b) 18.3
(c) 17.8
(d) 14.7

Q8. A cuboid of edge 32 cm, 8 cm, 6 cm, is cut to form cube of edge 4 cm each. What is the sum of total surface area of all cubes formed?
(a) 2304 cm²
(b) 2010 cm²
(c) 2107 cm²
(d) 2086 cm²

Q9. If a³ – b³ = 4104 and (a–b) = 6, find (a+b)² – ab is eqal to–
(a) 592
(b) 684
(c) 618
(d) 612

Q10. In an examination, 33% passed in science and 57% failed in mathematics. If 41% failed in both subjects, what percentage passed in both subjects?
(a) 21%
(b) 23%
(c) 17%
(d) 27%

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