RRB JE Stage II : Electrical Engineering Quiz | 24rd August

Dear aspirants,

RRB JE Stage II exam is scheduled to be conducted from 28th August to 1st September2019. The overall merit for the selection will be made on the basis of the marks scored in stage II, so candidates need to prepare thoroughly for the second stage. To help the aspirants, Adda247 has come up with a study plan in which we will provide you daily quizzes of all technical subjects. The below quiz will be helpful for the candidates who opted Electrical as the exam group in RRB JE stage II. 

Q1. The area of hysteresis loss is a measure of
(a) permittivity
(b) permeance
(c) energy loss per cycle
(d) magnetic flux

S 1. (c)
Area of hysteresis loop represents energy used to magnetize and demagnetize the iron core. In other words, it represents energy loss per cycle.

Q 2. A salient pole synchronous generator connected to an infinite bus power will deliver maximum power at a power angle of
(a) θ = 0
(b) θ = 90°
(c) θ = 45°
(d) θ = 30°

Q 3. The property of coil by which a counter e.m.f. is induced in it when the current through the coil changes is known as
(a) self-inductance
(b) mutual inductance
(c) series aiding inductance
(d) capacitance

Q 5. Both the number of turns and the core length of an inductive coil are doubled. Its self-inductance will be
(a) unaffected
(b) doubled
(c) halved
(d) quadrupled

Q 6. The negative phase sequence in a 3–phase synchronous motor exists when the motor is
(a) underload
(b) overloaded
(c) supplied with unbalanced voltage
(d) hot

Q 7. The magnitude of the induced e.m.f. in a conductor depends on the
(a) flux density of the magnetic field
(b) amount of flux cut
(c) amount of flux linkages
(d) Rate of change of flux linkage

Q 8. Which of the following motor is used in household refrigerator ?
(a) Synchronous motor
(b) D.C. shunt motor
(c) 3-phase induction motor
(d) 1–phase induction motor

Q 9. Two coils have inductances of 8 mH and 18 mH and a co-efficient of coupling of 0.5. If the two coils are connected in series aiding, the total inductance will be
(a) 32 mH
(b) 38 mH
(c) 40 mH
(d) 48 mH

Q10. A 2kVA transformer has iron loss of 150 W and full load copper loss of 250 W. The maximum efficiency of the transformer will occur when the total loss is
(a) 500 W
(b) 400 W
(c) 300 W
(d) 275 W

S10. (c)
For maximum efficiency of power transformer,
Copper loss = Iron loss
∴ Total loss = 2×150=300 W

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